7 Dominicans Walk to Port-au-Prince Haiti from DR Capital Santo Domingo for peace

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Topic: 7 Dominicans Walk to Port-au-Prince Haiti from DR Capital Santo Domingo for peace

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That's not fair,revenche doesn't work at all.Love those who hate you because of the color of your skin,those who hate you they are blacks also,but... read more >
Jyb, 14-Mar-14 1:36 am
Me i don't believe in revenge like that's for me it's gonna be a glorious for dominican people to come in haiti because we should show them we're... read more >
Generese Marcelin, 14-Mar-14 3:41 am
USA does the same thing with Mexicans and nobody say a things. Ex; Killing them in theirs border, deporting and putting in jails. This politic. read more >
Juan Nova, 14-Mar-14 11:23 am
listen when the DR government made that mistake I was more upset than anybody else, now we needs to show the Domican government, not the dominican... read more >
Pj, 14-Mar-14 1:13 pm
I like your comment that exacly what there need to do,Dominican republic is the problem not Haiti read more >
Gus, 14-Mar-14 2:19 pm
@Gus 1. Haiti keep dumping poor immigrants on the Dominican Republic and feels entitled to do so. 2. Haitians lie to ban eggs and meat products from... read more >
Ricart, 14-Mar-14 3:22 pm
@Djdj You want to take revenge on those 7 Dominicans that are walking to Port-Au-Prince to beg for forgiveness? You should know that for every... read more >
Ricart, 14-Mar-14 3:39 pm
@Pj The 168-13 ruling is not a mistake. The Dominican Republic does not grant citizenship to all those born within its jurisdiction. To be more... read more >
Ricart, 15-Mar-14 2:50 am
Parfait, cette marche me faire rappeler les marches de Goman de la Grand'Anse au Cap lors de la lutte pour l'independance. Et pourtant les hommes... read more >
Jgguest, 15-Mar-14 11:37 pm
This is unbelievable. There are a lot of good people in this world. These 7 Dominicans did it for a good cause. I do have a lot of respects for... read more >
Wadson, 16-Mar-14 5:05 pm
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