woww... so u don't have to worry

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so u don't have to worry

Sacha, January 24 2014, 10:55 AM

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Topic: Haitians Always Split The Bill when they go out - True or False?

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I believe we should split the bill to avoid hard feelings. People that feel like it is kokorat most of the time never take the bills. Just saying read more >
Natacha, 16-Jan-14 10:00 pm
He absolutely right, that's look very low to me. If I take or I invite couples friends out, I will pay. read more >
Ralph Leon, 16-Jan-14 10:04 pm
False. I never had that problem. As a matter of fact, I miss going out with Haitian men therefore I never go out because the other ones do want to... read more >
Maggy Gousse, 16-Jan-14 10:08 pm
If he wants to take the tab, that's fine with me but if he wants me to do it, I will stay away from that freeloader read more >
Bwa San Fey, 16-Jan-14 10:51 pm
As haitian men, once we take someone out, that mean we can afford the bill. We don't split bills especially with women. read more >
Jjl, 18-Jan-14 2:42 am
woww... so u don't have to worry read more >
Sacha, 24-Jan-14 10:55 am


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