"What is Haiti getting in return?" 1. You get to purchase much...

Ricart - January 22 2014, 12:43 AM

"What is Haiti getting in return?"

1. You get to purchase much needed products to feed your population of 10 millions, without import costs and inflated prices dictated by crooks in Miami.

2. Dominicans might play nice with the thousands of illegal immigrants that you keep dumping on their territory.

3. Haiti (GDP 7.843 billion USD) won't be shooting themselves in the foot by boycotting the Dominican Republic (GDP 58.95 billion USD), a country whose economy is 7 times larger than that of Haiti.

You Haitians have deluded yourself into thinking that you can negotiate with the Dominican Republic from a position of power.

But the fact that Haiti is a failed state and the poorest nation in the western hemisphere indicate otherwise.

4. DR might reverse the court ruling that stripped people of Haitian descent of Dominican citizenship.

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