The 48 Billion Dollar La Gonave Haiti Project, My two cents

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My two cents to La Gonave Development.

You are probably one of the most self-fish, idiotic, arrogance, neo-colonialist individual in North America.

I bet you work for one of those companies who is going to invest in Haiti, or may be you own stocks in one of the main developers of Lagonave.

Let me educate you a bit; Haiti is a failed state because of one hundred ten years of US Foreign policies on the island.

United States Marines in the late 1890s wanted Northern tip of Haiti (Mole Saint Nicolas) across the highest mountain pick of Cuba to establish a Maritime base to control French and German activities in the Caribbean.

One Haitian General in the Haitian marine dearly opposed the take over of the mountain pick and paid the ultimate prize by blown up the ship with all of its occupants inside.

The US settled for the next best things and occupied Guantanamo, Cuba to establish the Marine barrack.

( the Guantanamo lease in Cuba is a whole different story.)

Though, Haitian leaders shared some of the blames of the failed state due to greed, self-interest and corrupted tendencies learned and adapted from industrial powers.

Nevertheless, Haitians are also shared the blames for the dismay of the Haitian people.

Haiti could have been much better financially had the leaders play the game of the international players.

Haiti shared some of the responsibilities also.

I am very interested in the development of Lagonave, however, I am more interested in what is in the content of the mineral lease signed between the Haitian government and the oil giants.

The devil is in the details.

I am not sure whether the Haitians negotiators were aware of the legal definition of mineral rights.

When a company has the right to remove minerals under such said "Land" (surface); as long as minerals are being produced in such land; that company reserve the rights to use the surface and remove the minerals.

If the minerals last 2 years or two hundred years; they still have that right.

You, the surface rights owner ( the Haitian Government) cannot ask the company to leave providing that they maintain royalty payments to you as agreed upon.

Some of these oil contracts had no room to adjust for inflation, which could work both ways. This is why a good lawyer who has experienced in mineral rights contract will get you a better deal.

Like Reynolds who had the bauxite contract in Miragoane, Haiti, years ago; was not under any obligations to clean up and replenish the land they have destroyed during their mining operation.

This is the reason I would like to have a copy of the contract to see how the Haitian negotiators performed.

Thank God for the USA, if I were in Haiti; I would not have known any of these.

But what's right is right, and what's wrong is wrong.

Haiti should get the bang for their oil.

On the other hand, who ever threaten to take the Lagonave Development Project to the DR if the Haitians keep dragging their feet on signing a contract is full of cow dong. All Haitians knows if this deal fitted the DR they would have taking it to the DR without any Haitians knowing about it. The Lagonave and the Haiti Geo-political location in the Caribbean makes it best suited for this type of development.

If the Lagonave players wanted to take the deal to the DR; let them. Their lost. W'll find other companies who would love to take it.

Since we kicked the French out of Haiti in 1801 and claimed independence in 1804; the French always wanted Haiti back because they knew Haiti was and is one of the richest country in the Americas.

It is no surprise to any Haitians that the French and the US argued many times over Haiti's future.

The French wants it back, but Haiti is situated in the United States sphere of influence.

Now, to all my Dominicans little brothers and sisters who physically abused the Haitian peasants, denied them citizenships after great many of them have been in the DR ever since we kicked the Spaniards out for them because there were too coward to do it themselves, and they have tried many times and failed: what are you going to say now?

We Haitians are older and wiser in age, the DR is bigger in territory, but now, we are richer than the DR in natural resources.

What are you going to do?

Lou, December 30 2013, 7:13 PM

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John Rigdon, 10-Dec-13 10:17 pm
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Pris, 11-Dec-13 8:28 pm
My two cents to La Gonave Development. You are probably one of the most self-fish, idiotic, arrogance, neo-colonialist individual in North America... read more >
Lou, 30-Dec-13 7:13 pm
What is the status of this project right now? I haven't seen anything official since 2010. read more >
Rebecca Barnes, 27-Aug-14 7:32 pm
I think it is a great project for Lagonave but after developping Lagonave all from the mother land will migrate there and we will have a mess so we... read more >
Pierre, 25-Mar-15 6:54 pm
La Gonave Haiti is the Poorest area in the entire western world!! I fear that these unfortunate poeple are going to get screwed by Big Oil and etc!... read more >
Scott, 18-Jun-15 6:10 pm
I think this project will be a benefit from the island. I suppose it a good something to lagonave. read more >
Moise, 12-Jul-15 4:45 pm
i think thats a great idea to bring jobs and development to my country i agree and approve it i hope that the government sign it as fast as possible read more >
Celuxene Fortilien, 19-Feb-16 7:02 am
Capitalists do not want La Gonave out of love for Haiti.There is something there that makes it important to them otherwise in terms of long term... read more >
Leblek Leroc, 19-Feb-16 12:10 pm
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