Dominicain pa boule drapo Haitien, ce on bout twal ble e wouj yo boule...

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Yo pap boule drapo ayisien non yap boule on bout twal ble e wouj paske drapo nou c anba po nou li ye

Chantal, December 20 2013, 2:36 PM

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Topic: Dominicans burning the Haitian Flag / Dominicain ap boule drapo Haitien

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if they knew it could do wonders with bogus flag they would never burn his hands and to see our flag bogus this is indeed dedicate all Haitian why... read more >
Claudito, 18-Dec-13 3:23 pm
Gag kouman dominican yon frekan moun sa yon konn manje kaka ak dyol yon bann enpav bann dyol kaka s read more >
Melissa, 18-Dec-13 7:40 pm
I Wanna know what the F*ck gone wrong, that this is going on right now?! Answers anybody.. read more >
Guttabeatzz, 19-Dec-13 4:39 am
I wish y'all would do that in New York or Miami bunch of ignorant people shout out to all my Zoe someone got to stand up for the Zoe and make them... read more >
Zoe Pound, 19-Dec-13 1:46 pm
I can tell this picture is not real, unless the source or the photographer of this photo come out I will not believe it. Just take a good look at... read more >
Mike, 20-Dec-13 3:31 am
Those Dominicans don't have to go to New York or Miami to burn the Haitian flag. They are doing it in their country, the Dominican Republic. If you... read more >
Ricart, 20-Dec-13 7:32 am
Yo pap boule drapo ayisien non yap boule on bout twal ble e wouj paske drapo nou c anba po nou li ye read more >
Chantal, 20-Dec-13 2:36 pm
New York? Any time any day, but first do a little search before commenting. This was in retaliation to a group of Haitians burning the Dominican... read more >
Gary Franco, 24-Dec-13 8:29 pm
if the dominican is not that angratefull..they should remember that we the one that fight for their freedom,i want them to remember that i hope they... read more >
Jean B, 30-Dec-13 4:40 pm
they could never burn our flag because we fight very hard for our flag and we fight for they flag. That's the reason why they have a flag today. read more >
Jean B, 30-Dec-13 5:07 pm
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