That's a blessing thank god. god is good all the time. nap...

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that's a blessing thank god. god is good all the time. nap travay

Youseline Pierre-simon, December 19 2013, 4:09 PM

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Topic: Eggs Import into Haiti from Dominican Republic decreased by 86.3%

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that's a blessing thank god. god is good all the time. nap travay read more >
Youseline Pierre-simon, 19-Dec-13 4:09 pm
e pi yap di 'tet kale' pa bon. read more >
Kreyolman, 19-Dec-13 5:12 pm
Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the government of Haiti find a way to give the nation of Haiti to pass with tractors, trucks, water etc. on the farm's... read more >
Patrick Princivil, 19-Dec-13 5:15 pm
It will take more than tractors, trucks, water, etc. To make the Dominican Republic and USA cry blood. Try increasing your GDP, rebuilding your... read more >
Ricart, 20-Dec-13 7:34 am
"In the case of eggs, imports from DR decreased by 86.3%... If that is the case, it means Haiti is producing a lot MORE eggs these days to meet... read more >
Ricart, 20-Dec-13 5:29 pm
The ideal commercial relationship between countries is one where there is balanced trade. This rarely occurs because countries specialize in certain... read more >
Eco 101, 11-Jan-14 9:58 pm
I am so glad we don't have to use other country products anymore. keep it up my new Gvt. read more >
Paunise Pierre, 15-Nov-14 10:04 am
Are you an individual businessman or a organisation that wishes to expand in business??, we offer financial instrument such as BGs, SBLCs, MTNs... read more >
Nathani, 9-Jan-17 8:28 pm
I would like to get in touch with someone for an individual business. read more >
Maxc Montas, 20-Mar-17 9:46 am


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