People, you really believe that if Toussaint louverture...

Maggy Gousse - November 6 2013, 7:43 PM

People, you really believe that if Toussaint louverture wouldn't have learn the French language in addition to the European behavior & culture of the time, he still would have had the knowledge to know how to deal with these people and lead to a revolution.

Actually, this is what illuminated all his senses to know how to get to these people!

Why not follow examples of major successful Countries such as, China, Japan, even Argentina among st other Countries who makes sure their children learn another language in addition to their own. It is integrated in their educational system.

Even in the USA, their are (ESL)English second Language classes.

What is it with Haitian people?

Do you want to grow or regress! Children who are exposed to more than one language at a young age, develops exceptional brain abilities that brings them to exceed in all disciplines of life.

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