HA HA HA, Aristide best leader What a joke.

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HA HA HA, Aristide best leader
What a joke.

Danielle, May 14 2013, 2:24 PM

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Topic: Haiti Politics - President Martelly Throws a counter-punch at Aristide

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Best leader for you but not for the Haitian people. I don't the so-called president Haiti has now but Aristide is far worst then this one. Aristide... read more >
Kim, 12-May-13 9:11 am
I have just recently returned home from time spent in Haiti. I can't speak on what President Martelly is or is not doing about the problem of hunger... read more >
Patsey, 12-May-13 11:51 am
It's all politics and that is what is wrong in Haiti. Leaders and political parties in the past only do for or mention "the Haitian people" when it... read more >
Etienne, 12-May-13 4:19 pm
That is the kind of regrets all our old leaders are. And about the population, it is not something new about them. Now all Haitians know that they... read more >
Jean Enock, 12-May-13 7:51 pm
true and those who get some change to do bad thing can use that money just for a moment but the person they fighting with already have everything he... read more >
Jean, 12-May-13 9:35 pm
HA HA HA, Aristide best leader What a joke. read more >
Danielle, 14-May-13 2:24 pm


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