It's all politics and that is what is wrong in Haiti. Leaders...

Etienne - May 12 2013, 4:19 PM

It's all politics and that is what is wrong in Haiti.

Leaders and political parties in the past only do for or mention "the Haitian people" when it serves their selfish purpose.

Change is not easy and we will not see overnight results.

the current administration in Haiti is trying to change the status quo in Haiti and unfortunately, for selfish reasons, is not getting any support from the former leaders or their political parties.

Haiti can only move forward if everyone work together now instead of waiting for the next election and issuing prediction of who will gain power in the Legislative branch.

In the mean time the Haitian people are suffering.

Whether you like President Martelly or not, he is the elected president and helping him is helping the Haitian people move forward...Period!

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true and those who get some change to do bad thing...

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