Wyclef Wife Finds Nude Photo of Lisa Wells On His Cell

Breaking News - Wyclef Jean got busted! We have just been informed that Wyclef Jean's wife found nude pictures of his manager, Lisa Ellis, on his cell phone.

Ohhhhh...... Mannnnn....

You're In trouble???????

Is Wyclef Jean cheating on his wife Marie Claudinette?

The news that will receive is Lisa Ellis is no longer Wyclef's manager because, after discovering the nude pictures in Wyclef's phone, wife Marie Claudinette demanded that Wyclef fire her sexy manager.

Here's what we found out:

There is in fact a full frontal image of Lisa Ellis circulating around the Internet but according to the New York Post.com's Page Six , Ellis denied she had done anything wrong and explained that the photo was taken by Haitian photographer, Marc Baptiste, who makes a living off shooting nudes for artistic purposes.

Lisa Ellis claims that Naked picture was shot for a book and she's still trying to figure out how the picture was leaked out.

I guess the question still remains:

Was Lisa Ellis' naked pictures on Wyclef Jean's phone?

Is there something wrong with a man having a nude photo on his cell?

can't wait to read your comments.

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Roody Geffrard says...

Life won't tell you.when is gonna switch on

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Wisnel Casimir says...

Plaese president wiclef
ilek yo opinion
for the president haiti
so todo now Ineeds, for my kids, now mony to the school cotak 954-5342210
you are the best
thank you god bless you

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Replica Scarf says...

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Soso says...

no matter what people say about wyclef jean, we as haitian always going to love him.let's see the positive side of him, what he has done for haiti especially after the earthquake, nobody else does it, forget about what his wife saw on his cell phone, let's continue to work with him to rebuit a new Haiti instead of criticism him, remember no body is perfect in this

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Bloobloo says...

please people you'll see what happen to tiger wood please i know in united state a soon a celebrity have money they go to any means any problem any reason to create a scandal to blow off that person i have an example like mike Tyson, Michael Jackson always have some bad report about until they're give him stress and die like, the ex president bill Clinton set that girl an him to have a scandal like T.I when his body guard bought him guns and feed him to the cops and may more .So any body could try to set Wyclef up just by sent him a picture of Lisa Wells known she's his manager just to mess him up cause they see him getting good money so let all tell them haters go to hell cause we know you HATERS out there will try hard not this one Wyclef jean keep doing what u do best sing keep let the world know we Haitian

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Dieuseul says...

that comment is stinks, I can't believe somebody would ever post something like this. come on people this is 21 first century, it's time for we stop being ridiculous.

Remember when a couple get married is not only to make

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Morette Thelusma says...

don, t be rude.God does whatever he wants, when he wants, and with who he wants.don, t even go there about she can, t have kids.it, s not a reason for a husband to cheat on his

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Jasmin says...

claudinette need to relax she can, t even make kids so clef is a good guy.i, m suprise.

he adopt a child from haiti.she needs to enjoy the money, the

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Paul says...

Why don't we find ways to help Haiti instead?

Why not focus on the situation in Haiti and all the people who have no place to sleep and no food to eat?

I think this is a time for all haitians to come together to bring positive

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Jean-francois Turenne says...

Je suis tout a fait d'accord avec ce commentaire et je

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