Wyclef Jean received an honorary doctorate for Haiti from WSCU

Haitian hip of superstar Wyclef Jean received an honorary doctorate from Western Connecticut State University in recognition of his ongoing work in Haiti.

This honorary doctorate was bestowed upon Wyclef Jean on May 23, 2010, in a special ceremony in Danbury Connecticut in which he delivered the commencement speech to the graduating class of 2010 titled "Vision For The Future" .


As of today, YES YOU CAN call him... Dr. Wyclef Jean

Amongst his other titles, this one has a really nice ring to it, doesn't it?

In his commencement speech to the graduating class, Dr. Wyclef said:

"I used to ride a donkey to school in Haiti... I lived in a one-room shack...

When I came to America, I didn't speak a word of English...

Today I am able to travel the world, reach people with my music, work on behalf of my native Haiti and even speak at a college commencement....

I am proof that anything you want is possible, if you can only envision it first."

Wyclef is an inspiration for all Haitians around the world, young and old, and this honorary doctorate is one more reason that we are so proud of him, his achievements, and most important, him always remembering who he is and where he is from.

You inspire my friend, you make me want to accomplish more.

Thank you...

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Haitien says...

wyclef, i still with u, paske ou montre ke ou solidareanpil, paske gen anpil haitien k nou konnen, ki gen anpil lajan, pa janm panse yon jou avek haiti, kontinye fe bon

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Dioderson Augustin says...

my friend Wyclef, i am so happy for all the things you do for us in Haiti, thank you for love, ur senbility, keep love for Haitian and God gonna keep more love, and capacity for u.

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Rounson says...

chak jeune tankou mwen an nou fe menm jan ak wyclef si nou rive nan lavi sepa nou selman men se koule bleu et rouge la ki rive rev+edukasyon = lajwa pou tout

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Rounson says...

im happy for my brother clef and my nation clef makes me feel that all haitians are smart and have a dream.

today is wyclef tomorrow will be my turn, and i will make it yes i know i can.god bless my

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Emmanuel Noel says...

my brother, for the work you have done for your country Haiti and throughout the world there's nothing material that I could offer you to satisfy your soul, but I like to offer you the most Precious(Jesus) more love for you and may the Lord God of all power bless you more thank you for all you've done in your life your friend from Philadelphia.


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Christine says...

yo soy haitiana nacida en republica dominicana soy amante a la musica de wyclef aun que no naci en haiti como el estoy orgullosa de llevar sangre haitiana por mis venas, estoy muy feliz por el logro de wyclef, es un mustra de que nosotros los haitianos somos

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Berthauny Bernard says...

I am very proud to be haitian when i hear one of my people so exciting in the world.

I ask all haitians to leave all their old mentality to create a new haiti with WYCLEF JEAN

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Eco-cell says...

I always think he is a good Haitian, an exceptional one looking at by his talent and his heart for Haiti, but i became convinced about that when i first heard he is tackling at the issue of environmental degradation of the poor

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Boss Mueller says...

its a good thing to think to wycle jean.But for people who has since who really cares, whith those millions that he got and his hands, wyclef should be go to haiti do something very Different.

its not question to give my haitien people rice and bean evytime.but now they houses.

if i could be in his place i would show him how hero

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Duval Jude says...

deja je vous dis bonjour et je suis content de vouus rencontrer
just mwen se yon haitien mwen ta renmen etudier,
donc avek tout

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