Wyclef Jean and Timberland Haiti Reforestation Project

The next time you buy a pair of Timberland boots, Not only will you see Haiti's name on it, but you may be contributing to the reforestation of Haiti.

Wyclef Jean Timberland Boots

The Timberland company and Haitian Hip Hop Singer Wyclef Jean are teaming up for a new collection of Timberland Tooks called "Timberland Earthkeepers Yele Haiti boots."


That's not all, The Timberland Earthkeeper line of will also include closing designed by children in Haiti. I watch a video of wake of himself promoting the new timberland yearly Haiti earth keeper line

Timberland Earthkeepers Yele Haiti boots We'll be available for men and women and kids.

Here is a video of Wyclef shocasing his new Timberland Earthkeppers boots...

<a href="fouye.com; target=_top>

Then he gives a shot out to Timberland while the Fugees are playing...

For every pair of these boots sold, Timberland will donate $2 to the Yele Haiti foundation to support reforestation in Haiti.

The Timberland Earthkeepers Yele Haiti boots will be Available in the United States in November 2010 and globally by February 2010.

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Marsha says...

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Ravendell says...

yup I agree to you....


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Willy Wiffy says...

i appreciate all the good works you are doing clef.may the lord guide you always.

you hold a special place in each of our heart that no one will ever be able to fill. keep up the good work.
may the lord continue to bless you and your family with good health, love,joy, and happiness.

have a wonderful new year

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David says...

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Harry says...

Hey Jasmin.B-4 I Start.

Komanw ye Vie fre'm?

Listen to that Jasmin you do not have to be rich to help Your Haiti, wait for other people to do it.You can start.Let me tell you how?Just sponsor one kid or some body you know with $20 a month that's it. Actually my brothers and I we have 25 old women we sponsored.some where in Haiti.

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Minouche says...

Bonjour Clef komanw ye ou byen mwen rele Minouche mwen se

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Mimi says...

Congratulations to people like Wicleff who puts country before personal gains.

It's time for us Haitian to open our eyes and realize how people from other

countries are enjoying themselves in Haiti while they want us to believe that

it's not safe enough for us to live there.

They are feeding their children

our l'arbre veritable and haransort, free of chemical.

Shame on our machan-n

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Jasmin says...

big up clef. haiti pap peri si te gen 2 ou 3 lot ayisyen tankou clef mwen panse haiti tap rive louin.

i know some haitians that have more money than clef, and don, t do shit 4 haiti.just think people haiti is our contry, don,tlet it die.i, m jasmin from orange new jersey clef is my boy.when u wit him he treat u wit respect, and make u feel like he did it, but u can do it too.that why i like him more. so haitians stand up.and big respect to all my zoes. litle haiti, haitian fresh, black dada, redd

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Marline says...

Yes I think its wonderful what he's doing for haiti we need more people like him in this

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Marline says...

Yes I think its wonderful what he's doing for haiti we need more people like him in this

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