Woodring s Christmas Story

We wish you a merry Christmas!


I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. Living in America, I guess â€"Happy Holidays” is a more appropriate thing to say.

It’s approaching the end of the year and I have many… oh so many things… that are still undone.

There is one thing I will do however; I will be going to New York to visit my family up there.

The Holiday season is a time to be with family, it is a time to visit loved ones. I encourage you not to miss you this special time because something things cannot be undone.

If you are thinking about visiting someone you have not seen in a while, please do that.

Let me tell you why!

About 8 years ago I called my brother Dior Saint Preux to tell him:

â€"Brother, I have not seen you in over 6 years. You are married and you have two kids, yet I don’t know your wife and I don’t know your kids.

I am coming to spend Christmas with you. I would like a chance to chit chat a little and get to know your new family.”

My brother Dior replied: â€"Woody, my door is wide open to you. It would be an honor to have you over for Christmas.”

A few days before Christmas, I found a rare opportunity to finish my Microsoft Certification exams (MCSE) for a promotion at work.

Instead of flying to Orlando to spend Christmas with my brother Dior, I decided to use the vacation time to study.

About a month later, I flew to Orlando anyway but… to see him in a coffin.

â€"Achou”, that’s what we called him, died unexpectedly in his sleep.

I had to go there; I had to meet his family at his funeral.

If there is one Christmas that I really regret, it’s the Christmas I missed with my brother Dior Saint Preux and his family. I had no Idea it was going to be our last Christmas together.

I would hate for you to have a story like mine every time Christmas is around the corner.

So this Christmas and every Christmas thereafter, spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones, money or no money, gifts or no gifts.

Thank you for letting me bore you for a whole year; I am looking forward to doing it again next year.

Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday

Woodring Saint Preux, Your Humble Servant

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Jimmy Sann says...

Hello, Woodring Last week I met our sister Perrette and her boyfriend in Montreal, it was a wonderful first contact.

I would like for you and Evancy to contact me through my email at jimmysann [at] msn.com

Take care.


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Franck Gedin says...

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Frank Gedin says...

this is to announce you that the mourning
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Patrick S. Henry says...

About your story St preux I think is really
sad but the lesson is a good one .often we think we don`t have time to visit our friends, our family therefore we forget the essential of life materials things, money are always in our head, much money, make more money...

and then we forget where we come from than where we want to go too...So I invite in this new year to try to be close with our friends our family and God to share what we have, experiences and what we would like to do ...

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Paul says...

I share your story, and yes, I do have a brother who is living with me in the same state, after reading your story, I call him to tell him that I love, thanks a lot sometimes we take a lot of thing for grandted sometimes.

thank you for sharing your

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Kath says...

Dear Woodring:
The poignant and stirring Christmas story of missing Christmas with your brother sends a universal message.

Be comforted by our sympathy, and know that most of us have similar feelings.

Your effort to make a positive gesture from a painful situation is an act of very real selflessness.

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Karamel says...

Dear Woodring,

Congratulations on your achievement and Happy Holidays to you too :-)

God Bless!Tchimbé rèd adan travay la!

One Luv Always,


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Stephanie says...

OMG i am so sorry for your lost but you make a lot of sence but at the same time maybe it was Gods will to end it the way it did its hard but is Gods will my family is going through a situation where immigration has taken my cuzin she is still in the prison so we won't get a chance to see her during the holiday but we know we'll be able to see her very very

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R. Sanon says...

I read your e-mail Dominic about you not having the chance to spend christmast with your brother and his family.

It was very touching, your story even made me tear up. I believe in treating family and friends fairly all the time because one never knows when it'll be the last time.


Merry Christmas / Happy Holiday/Joyeux

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Franck Gedin says...

I so sorry againt?

Mr. Woodring Saint Preux.

I so happy to exchange our sorrow at this

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