Haiti Telecommunications - Will NATCOM allow me to make phone calls day?

NATCOM, one of Haiti's telecommunications service provider, has been down for days preventing its customers from making simple phone call and accessing the Internet.

PHOTO - Haiti Internet - Natcom Pa Vle Bay Sevis

Over the past few days communication via NATCOM has been impossible. we found out it is because Haitian employees working for NATCOM are on strike because they want to get paid more money.

Because of that strike, many of the company's base transceiver stations (BTS) are down either because they run out of gas or the technicians refuse to service them.

A BTS is the piece of equipment that facilitates wireless communication between user equipment (UE) and a network. Each BTS covers a defined area; it's where the the antennas are that your cell phones connect to when you make and receive phone calls

In Haiti, compared to most other countries, mobile phone users have no choice but to get service from two mobile phones carriers, NATCOM and Digicel. They make and receive phone calls on each network to that network because cross-network communication cost more money.

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Jla says...

Aaah, kounye a, nou va konprann gwo danje ki ap plane sou tèt nasyon tinèg san sèvèl saa yo?

Nou remèt nou kò-e-am nan men yon entru ki gen plan disparisyon pou pèp ki okupe ti bout tè saa; nou privatize tout bagay nèt pou ti po-patat.

Nou ap pale bloke peyi, men moun ki ka bloke peyi tande.

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