Why are Haitians so affraid of this Butterfly?

A Butterly in Haiti
What is it with Haitians and Butterflies? -- My wife woke up this morning to go to the gym, she spotted a big brown butterfly at the gate. She rushes back and asks me to come outside and open the gate... LOL...

"Why?" I asked. "Just open the gate!"

"There is a big butterfly right at the gate where I have to hold to open it," she said. "come open it for me."

"Just shake the gate it will fly away," I replied.

Long story short... I had to get out of bed just to go outside and open the gate just because there is a butterfly on it.

"I am not affraid," she said, "I am sure it bring good luck!"

Yeah right... It bring so much good luck that I have to be the one benefits from all that good luck... SMH!

Why are Haitians so affraid of this Butterfly?

What do you think about that?

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Gonzales Joseph Papa Loko W se vant pouse'm ale M se Papillon(butterfly) m va pote nouvelle bayo! Translation: Papa Loko you're the wind, push me to go I'm the... see more
Reply · August 01 at 6:27 PM
Herman Never heard about such fears, tels me my wive,who left Potopins since 1982 Might be an idiosyncrasia
Reply · July 29 at 9:49 AM

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