When there is NO bad news in Haiti, foreign media shift to...

Whenever there is NO BAD breaking news in Haiti, whenever there are no tires burning, no fights in the Senate, nobody in the streets of Haiti screaming 'ABA', the world media shift to "Charity & Poverty Mode" and they start telling you about every little person donating used sneakers to poor Haiti.

Food for Thought - As a Haitian Thinketh...

It's OK to give but I really think that some people, or worse, organizations are using poor Haiti to get media attention.

"Hey... Murphy... Did you read the paper yesterday? Yes... were were in the news! Ha Ha Ha... Yes... we donated two used sneakers to Haiti... Yes check it out, it's in the front page of BS newspaper!"

Yep... Dirty politics, protests, charity and poverty are usually what you will read about on foreign newspapers about Haiti.

Am I right or wrong? Tell me...

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Cj says...

So true Grant and Wood...positive news don't sell. Thank you Floyd for all you do ...Haiti is my country and every time I travel there and I get the chance to meet someone who came for missionary work there I thank he/she from the bottom of my heart because I understand the need in Haiti but ...the media hardly show progression in Haiti as if there is nothing good to say....Haiti ma

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Patrick Princivil says...


chita plin pil bouda nou ak diriz ak pois nan pays blanc, min songe nou gin anpil fanmille kap soufri en Haiti, Haiti pap ka range tet li poukont li en nou vini cree routes ak pont nan provices yo pou nou passe al plante nan jardins yo egoiste pap minnin nou okin

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Floyd says...

Grandstanding in the media is likely true. And your story hurts a little bit. Last time I was in Hinche my friend there said, When you come can you bring shoes for the children.

And that sending money is easier than packing shoes but there are so few kids' shoes available.

I told my grandsons, who told their friends, and Kids Helping Kids in Haiti collected 65 lbs of shoes.

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Floyd says...

Yes, I am afraid it might be true about grandstanding in the media.

But your story hurts some too, because my friend in Hinche said to me, Next time you come could you bring shoes for the children, we have 90 orphans we a caring for. So my grandkids here in Virginia did a Kids helping Kids in Haiti shoe drive, and I was able to bring along 65 lbs of kid shoes.

I think those people do care for Haiti now. But they know so little except for Headlines in the media.

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David Grant says...

I do not think that these people care about haiti.

All they care about is their jounalistic advancement.They will publish anything in order to get the world attention.

What they portray in their publication will have anyone thinking that there is nothing worthwhile in the country.

Haiti should be very selective about what they

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