What is the proper way to for Haiti to deal with criminals?

Intimidation: (definition) The act of making others do what one wants through fear.

This may be fear of physical abuse, humiliation, loss of property, not only regarding the victim itself but also dear ones such as spouse, family, friend.

When I was a kid in school (Elementaire 1) in Hinche, Haiti, there was a bully in my classroom. He was only my bully because I was the only one who was afraid of him.

Everyday I was supposed to give half of the money I brought to school for lunch. If I didn’t he would bite my legs; his teeth was razor sharp!

He also threatened to beat me up if I told my parents or my teacher.

One day my fear disappeared…

My mother did not cook that day and she gave more money to buy food. When I offered my bully his daily cut he insisted that I give him half of the whole amount.

That day he experienced the pain of having a pencil going through his legs.

He never beat me up and he never asked me for money again!

Something must have scared him.

If you let the man with the gun take your freedom away, one day he will ask you for more. What will you do then?

Haiti is held hostage by a few thugs with guns.

We know that here in the United States, a criminal is a criminal.

It seems to me that anytime the Police try to hunt down thugs in Haiti, everyone cries

"Woy! me 'YO' ap tue pitit pep la!"

Even if pitit pep la is NOT a law abiding citizen.

I don’t care how hungry you are, the law is the law.

We all complain that Haiti is not safe, so honestly, how do we clean it up without hearing the same old crap: "Mezanmi, Me y'ap tue pitit pèp la"

Those who are getting shot, those who are getting robbed, those who are being rapped, those who are getting carjacked, kidnapped, those who are afraid to sleep at night because they have "10 Kòb", aren't they "Pep La Tou"?

Do they not deserve protection against the self proclaimed kings of the streets?

Haiti is a country…

Haitian is a nationality

A criminal is a criminal

Let’s get them off the streets.

I think this is a social issue and has nothing to do with politics but everyone is afraid to talk about it.

Many people are afraid of being labeled so they walk around everyday with the coward label on their forehead.

Let me tell you something, my friend, you will die anyway, you will die if you talk, you will die if you keep your mouth shut.

What would happen if Martin Luther King kept his mouth shut? What if he was intimidated?

I want to go home, so let’s talk about how we can fix this place up. We all know what the problem is; let’s choose a government that can fix it. Once we do that, let us allow that government to fix it!

Let us choose a government that will not be intimidated by other Haitians who just love to pull the "Pel La Card".

Why can’t we all be on one side…

Why can’t we all be on the right side?

My name is Woodring Saint Preux and I said it!

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