What are your Expectations?

I've been holding back on you. Today I will tell you all about it.

First let me ask you a question:

  • What is Haitian these days?
  • Is talking about politics Haitian?
  • Is being the first black nation Haitian?
  • What about being the poorest country in the western hemisphere, is that Haitian?

The answer is NO...

Being Haitian is just being you and being blessed with the privilege of having been born to a loving and caring mother and/or father who is somehow, through generations, tied to that piece of land in the Caribbean called Haiti.

If you accept my definition than I have another question for you:

What is Considered "Haitian Information" in the World Wide Web?

A - Information about Haiti and Haitians

B - Information Haitians are interested in

C - Typically Haitian Information

D - The entire internet

It took an accident for me to realize that I've been making a mistake.

www.fouye.com as you know is a Haitian Search Engine but www.Fouye.com is in English...

Let's not kid ourselves... If you don't speak English and/or you don't have a computer that is connected to the internet then to you Fouye.com is really "Fouye What?"

If you do speak English and you are connected to the internet, I have a confession to make:

I've been holding back on you...

When I built www.fouye.com, it was typically a Haitian Only Resource center.

The Haitian Internet has changed since then. There are more Haitian Americans online who have business websites without the "Haitian label"

Labeling something "Haitian" makes it "For Haitians Only".

It is wrong to do it in the real world and it is even worse to do it in the internet.

The Spanish people classify themselves as "Hispanics" whether they are black, white, or green. That means whatever they make for Hispanics can cross country lines and reach everyone in that category.

I always hear "The Hispanic Community" mentioned on TV and almost never hear "The Dominican Community"

I always hear "The Haitian Community" as if to say we only have "ONE CLASSIFICATION".

We did that to ourselves, no one can take the blame for that one.

We always want to be special; sometimes I feel that we are "Specially" being singled out.

Am I wrong for thinking that the only way for a Haitian person to feel a part of something bigger than just being Haitian is to "Just get up and leave his/her culture"?

In the Caribbean, there are many countries who group themselves as "Caribbean" and Haiti is not in it not because they don't want us in but because we have excluded ourselves.

They are into tourism... we are into Overthrowing governments...

They speak various versions of English, we speak French...

Pop Quiz... What do we do?

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