Voodoo Drama - American Aid Worker Arrested In Haiti

An American aid worker in Haiti has been accused of selling a dead child's organs to a voodoo doctor. Paul Waggoner was arrested and is now serving time at the Penitencier Nationale d'Haiti... What is this all about?

Here are the details...

In Haiti, there is a saying "Rann sevis tounen chagrin" and Paul may be a victim of this...

Paul Wagoneer gave up his contracting business to volunteer in Haiti after January's earthquake. He was volunteering in a community hospital when a man came in seeking help for his 15-month-old baby boy.

Waggoner said the boy died of fever and gastrointestinal distress. He also noted that he did not administer medical attention. Paul was doing supply management.

The baby's father has a different story...

The father says the boy could not have died because his eyes was still open!

The father claims the boy is still alive and Waggoner told him he took the baby and sold the organs to a voodoo doctor.

Paul Waggoner was arrested by Haitian police on Thursday. He is now crammed in a jail cell at the Penitencier Nationale with 19 other inmate and a bucket (their toilet)


Is this a case of kidnapping? Murder? Witchcraft? or Plain stupidity?

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The US should pull all aid until this man is FREE, sent home and gets any help he is going to need in the future.

My prayers are with him.

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Myriam says...

mezammi juska kan pep haitian ap suspann pase mize tout mounn pran pep Haitian pou inbecil pou mounn ki pa konprann anten nan anyen men m konen konan gen yon jou tankou jodi a pep Haitian gen pou l sispann

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Crusader325 In America says...

Can anyone actually SPEAK in this country?

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Nadege M Moise says...

This is Haiti we are referring to. On the contrary, my greatest fear is that: "He may have refused to compromise with their wicked scheme, and was therefore set up" No were in the story we read the accused response, or side of the story, but rather "what the father claimed he said, or what others are saying."
Believe me, I know what my people are capable of, the word "wicked" is too weak to describe their evil plots, and actions against the same people who may have helped them, or have their best interest in mind. My prayer is with the accused until the truth is

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Thank Think says...

There's only one person who think as a man after reading the comments.

I realized that one side accuse the person in jail and another side defend him. Both sides are retarded people because they don't even investigate and I believe the haitian police is not finish with the investigation yet.So retarded people are accuse and defend without a clear knoledge of the subject.

It's time to realize tha this situation is the biggest problem who close the gate for any good development plan in

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Alister Wm Macintyre says...

In many nations, people who are accused of some crime may be locked up in perpetuity while the police go on fishing expeditions to try to find evidence which would prove innocent or guilty.

In Haiti, a lot of people believe voodoo stuff, which sounds absurd in nations which do not believe in

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Bernadette says...

Yes, I agree with you. But why is this man in jail?

They must have some kind of proof to retain him, don't you think?

I must admit the story did not make any kind of

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Nadege M. Moise says...

Boy! I thought I was the only one feeling this way! You are so right Josy, I really believe this is a set up, our people are one of a kind, how sad! The man left his Country to help us and this is what we have to offer in return.

This story just does not make

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Muffi says...

Day by day, we are getting more stupid in Haiti.

Don't people know that sometimes people die with their eyes open. Are we for real down there?

We just cannot stand anybody helping us. There's gonna come a time that everybody will turn their back on us because of our stupidity.

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Harold says...

A mon avis les accusations porter contre Dr.Paul par le pere the l'enfant est mal compris par le pere;La langage que Dr.Paul utiliser en parlant de l'ogane transplant pour sauver la vie d'un autre enfant je ne sais pas que beaucoup d'entrez-nous est compris.Mais la police a recue des plaintes ils ont le droit d'intervenir pour fait la lumiere sur ce

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