VIDEO: The New Image of Haiti

Watch this video promoting a new image of Haiti. "La nouvelle image d'Haiti dans le monde" (The new image of Haiti in the world)

In the heart of the Caribbean, the Republic of Haiti is a country filled with surprises waiting for you to discover. Situated in the island of Hispaniola, Haiti offers some of the most beautiful beaches the Caribbean has to offer as well as some very unique historical sites.

Haiti became the first independent country in the Caribbean and Latin America after a successful slave revolt that made of Haiti the first black republic in the world.

This unique History as well as the official language of Haiti, Creole, gives Haiti a unique and remarkable personality, unique to the entire world.

The Haitian cuisine and Haitian music are a combination of many cultural influences: The Tainos (the old in inhabitants of Haiti), the French, the Spanish, the African cultures, all left traces from which Haiti forged a personality that is incomparable.

Amongst the elements that contribute to this unique identity of Haiti is Vodou, the religion of the majority of Haitians, filled with color, music, and unique rituals. Vodou surprises and charms all who visit the Republic of Haiti.

The people of Haiti are constantly trying to transform this little country of the Caribbean into a paradise. For all the Haitians, it is no longer a dream, it is a reality...

The people of Haiti and their government work very hard, with the support of the international community, towards the construction of a country of sunshine, hope, and unique landscape.

Since the first year of the Martelly-Lamothe administration, the Haiti Minister of Tourism has been trying effortlessly to put Haiti back on the world tourism map as the new tourist destination in the Caribbean.

The minister of tourism is working on new projects developping, upgrading, and creating new tourist destination in Haiti like: Ile-a-Vache, Jacmel, and Cotes-de-Fer.

Haiti is an exceptional tourist destination, surprisingly beautiful, with a unique history and promising future.

Come to Haiti, discover the soul of the Caribbean.

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Francesca says...

Waw vreman bel

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Kelin Scoon says...

Is there an English version of the sound track.

The largest pool of potential tourists is English speaking North

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Boniface Zebo Correspt De says...

haiti-perle-des-antilles, aiyiti cheri kijan-w ye di mewn sak pase, mwen we-w bel...

I love my country a my people...

Haiti grand peuple, grande histoire tous l'imaginaires du monde, vient d'haiti.

Hugo Chavez en à fait une "elégie sur haiti a voir sur youtube chavez haiti.
zb music

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Lucksonlouis says...

anpil chita ap voye vye foto bay international la pou ba nou move imaj poutan nou gen bel bagay lakay nou. yo pap janm respekte nou si nou pa gen yon bon imaj e kwem lakay deja se lakay menm leu w ta gen 50 ans kote wap viv la, si zot di la choute w ou pa gen le choix tounen nan peyi ou tap sa l la nan peyi w tap bay move imaj la. ann kenbel pwop ann bal yon bel imaj konsa yap respekte

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Lucksonlouis says...

sa fe lontan map tann sa. mwen kontan anpil paske mwen presantman canada e tout image yo bay de Haiti se yon ti peyi pov ki nan mize. pourtan nou gen anpil lot imaj nou ka vann. map ba nou deux liens sou kek video (image) kem prepare sou Haiti.

si nou renmen l fel mache.

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