Video: Kim Kardashian Modeling In Haiti, For Real...

Here is something you don't see everyday... Kim Kardashian, a Hollywood socialite modeling in Haiti... Cool... Paris Hilton must not be far behind LOL... Watch this video...

"Forget about her messy love life," US Weekly says, "Kim Kardashian put the drama behind her for several days last week and over the weekend -- when she and her mom, Kris Jenner, visited Haiti for a pre-holiday humanitarian mission."

Not a bad place to take a break and do something worthwhile...
Haiti has NO PAPARAZZI... Pa vre Oprah?

And the Haitian people.. They are just wonderful!

Kim Kardashian went to Haiti last week, along with her mother Kris Jenner, actress Patricia Arquette and designer Donna Karan as part of We Advance, an organization cofounded by actress Maria Bello with a vision to advance the health, safety, and well being of women throughout Haiti.

Message for Kim Kardashian: the next time you wanna get married, know this, Woodring is available OK cherie... LOL... Thanks for all the good work you are doing in Haiti...

What is your opinion about Kim Kardashian's visit to Haiti and the We Advance foundation?

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Lena says...

the kadashain know haiti is a free country so she want to be free from her 72 hours maririege to kris she goes to haiti to have a taste of freedom now she is free
love u

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Miejo says...

I told you, all will come to Quisqueya aux terres montagneuses, TERRE MYSTERIEUSE, pays soleil, pays beni, le pays le plus riche des caraibes, LE PAYS DE LA LIBERTE, NAP TONBE, NAP LEVE KANKOU CAPWA LAMOR, EN AVAN, AN VANSE...ils viendrons tous...

an nou bale, rouze, ranmasa fatra, an nou plante fle, pye bwa, an nou ranmanse ranyon sal nou, an nou lave, propte, an nou mete bon pafin sou nou, an nou sispann goumin, voler, touye, kibnape, pale sou youn ak lot mal, an nou chante, danse, an kontan, bat vravo ETRANJE SOU NOU oh! loloy HAITI PAP

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