VIDEO: Justin Beiber Discovers a Gifted Haitian Talent

Watch this video... Justin Bieber introduces you to an amazing drummer from an orphanage in Haiti who made his own home made drum set and playing great music.

In the video you hear Justin Beiber talking about Wetopia... What is that?

It's a game on Facebook that you play and while you are playing, they say, you are helping children in the real world. When you play the game, you build up joy, then you can use that joy to help fun real programs that benefit real kids, like sending medecine and vitamins to the children of Haiti.

For example, this young man in this video, he name is Agenor, and he is being supported with food, medicine and vitamins from Wetopia players, Justin Beiber says in the video.

This is a very interesting and it works... according to, here is a list of AMAZING things Wetopia users have provided Agenor and Haiti with so far :

440,704 Hot Meals
450,547 gallons of clean water
2,149 pairs of shoes
3,268 warm coats
Building a school in Moline, Haiti

Wow... Amazing isn't it?

Like they say on, "We know you are always on Facebook anyways, so why not play for a cause?!"

What else do you know about this game? Have you played it?

What do you think about it?

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