True Haitian Confessions - They Will Shock You

If you want to a good laugh, I have a winner for you. Read this... Some true confesions posted by Haitians Online. Here are just some of them...


1 - When I was little I used to have crushes on older man way older enough to be my father.

2 - I cheated on my last final when I was in College.

3 - Sometimes when I have sex with my husband I will pretend he is a celebrity and I'm his groupie.

4 - When I was younger I used to think that the artist was actually in the radio station ...

5 - I would sneak and watch my uncle have sex with his girlfriend.

6 - I was 23yrs old when I lost my virginity.

7 - Caught my ex-boyfriend cheating on me so I threw black paint on his car. ( still doesn't know it was me)

8 - Took my nephew to buy sneakers and lost the money playing 3 card monty went home and told my sister I lost the money on the way to the store.

9 - Went to a party at Brasserie Creole told the security I was only there to buy food and stayed for the whole party. 10-Dating a guy with a small penis and when we would have sex I would lay there and make silly faces when he is not looking.

11 - Went to McDonalds enjoyed a sundae halfway put a piece of hair in there and got a second one for free

This is from a thread (True Confessions) on Konpadirek's message board

Update: This site no longer exists

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