Trajedy Strikes The Saint Preux Family Again

Hello, this is Woodring Saint Preux.

I am not really good at announcing bad news but I have to tell you that I just lost one of my brothers to a Motorcycle accident. His name is Evency Saint Preux. I am in Spring Valley New York right now with my family.

I don't know what else to tell you right now... so I will let you read a news report about the accident.

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CLARKSTOWN - A Spring Valley motorcyclist was killed in a fiery crash after hitting a car backing out of a West Clarkstown Road driveway shortly before 7 this morning, Clarkstown police said.

The motorcyclist, Evency St. Preux, 34, hit the driver's side front end and was thrown about 50 over the top of car, police said.

Both vehicles exploded into flames, with the flames engulfing the mangled motorcycle, Clarkstown Police Sgt. Harry Baumann said.

"The guy was thrown about 50 feet over the left side of the car," Baumann said. "His head probably hit the ground. The motorcycle was mangled in the crash."

Baumann said the shield broke off St. Preux's helmet and his body was lying on the ground on the lawn in front of a home, covered with a yellow tarp. St. Preux was pronounced dead at the scene, Baumann said.

St. Preux, a married father of six, was riding north on West Clarkstown Road when the collision occurred near Maryann Drive, police said.

Harold B. Dennis Jr., 31, of Slinn Avenue in Spring Valley, was inching his 2007 Dodge Caliber out of the driveway and nearby shrubbery may have prevented him from having clear view of the road, Baumann said.

He was backing up with plans on turning left and the 1999 Kawasaki motorcycle crashed near the driver's side toward the front of the car, Baumann said.

"If the guy was coming at any rate of speed, he would never would have saw him," he said.

The Clarkstown Accident Investigation Team, which reconstructions fatal and serious accidents, had not made any determination on the rate speed or final conclusions, Baumann said. No charges have been filed against Harold, Baumann said.

Police blocked off a stretch of the road from West Burda Place to Maryanne Drive so the Medical Examiner's Office could remove the body and police could investigate.

The Hillcrest Fire Department and Nanuet Ambulance Corps responded.

Article By Steve Lieberman and Vincent DiSalvio, The Journal News, September 30, 2008

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Marie L. Dupiton-exume says...

Toutes mes sympathies a la famille St Preux.

Je suis une ancienne amie de Nicole au College Marie Anne (1977).

cela fait longtemps que je cherche tes traces.Nicole.Fais moi signe par e-mail.Merci d

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Claire Jean-louis Hilaire says...

While searching for Marie Francoise, Carlo and Tony on Facebook, I found out that one of their family member died. Really sad

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Yole says...

message pour eliot st preux je suis en facebook connect avec moi yolande ou yoly dor
ta condisciple d'ecole et

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Eliott Saint Preux says...

Woodring Nous etions tres touche de la perte de ton frere je te souhaite du courage ma

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Marilyn Wouters says...

what a hypocrite you are, pls clean first your own garden, before writing words which do not mean anything to you, because this is the truth: Dear Friends of Saskia,

I would like to inform you that within 1 week a video will be on all free video providers like youtube mentioning Saskia Delic van der Neut, Anders Gustavsson, Casimiro Vargas, Richard Abraham, Ariana Zeno, Martin Gill, Scott Dinsmore, Scott Williams, Alvarez Jimenez de Pass, Luis Ricardo Garino Granados, Susan Sari Gelerman and their attorney |Lic Roberto Solano Leiva and everybody else involved in the theft of the USD 160,000.-- received by Saskia through Power of Attorney and trust and therefore being thieves of my plot in Hatillo.

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Woody says...

I know that the Saint Preux family is one big family spread over many generations in Haiti, I am from one branch of the family, and I am not familiar with these names you gave me.

I will speak to my dad to see if he has any

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Mary G. Routier says...

Dear sir,

As I was browsing the internet and saw these Sympathy messages to the St. Preux family, and I am wondering if it is the St. Preux from PAP, because I lived next door
to a St. Preux family back in 1969, and back then, I know the family very

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Myrlande Zamor says...

Sorry but I have no

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Jacques Alerte says...

where is michou zamor

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Saskia Delic says...

Woodring, I am so very sorry for your loss! I wish you and your family strenght and

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