The Louisiana Purchase, Product of The Haitian Revolution

Most Americans talk about the Louisiana purchase but the leave behind the fact that the Louisiana purchase is directly linked to the Haitian war for independence (The Haitian Revolution)

Map Of  The Louisiana Purchase
Map Of The Louisiana Purchase

They seem to forget that Napoleon Bonaparte sold the Louisiana territory to the United States right after the Haitian war of independence.

Had it not been for Haiti, had it not been for OUR Haitian heroes, nearly one third of what is today the United States of America would be speaking French.

Let me tell you, for the record what Haiti represents to the United States:

There are 14 current U.S. states and two Canadian Provinces that owe a BIG FAT thank you to Haiti because they are part of the Louisiana purchase...

Here they are:

  1. Louisiana, of course
  2. Arkansas
  3. Missouri
  4. Iowa
  5. Oklahoma
  6. Kansas
  7. Nebraska
  8. Wyoming
  9. Colorado
  10. Minnesota (part of the state)
  11. North Dakota (most of the state)
  12. South Dakota (almost all of the state)
  13. New Mexico (northeastern part of the state)
  14. Montana (part of the state)

Also included in the Louisiana purchase are part of the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

So... If you think the only thing that Haiti did for the United States was to add a little spice in your southern Creole cuisine, think again!

We gave you the deal of the 19th century.

You see... Napoleon Bonaparte, after we kicked his ass when he tried to re-enslave the Haitian people... big mistake... gave up on his plans to rebuild France's new world empire. He was so disappointed that he sold nearly 1/3 of what is today The United States of America for a measly 15 million dollars. Ayisyen, ou met bat do-w... We did that...

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