The latest Haiti Cholera updates, 6000 Dead, 400000 Infected

The Haiti cholera outbreak has claimed over 6,000 Haitian live and a reported 400,000 more Haitians have been infected... The UN says it's because Haitians NOW rely on river water... Now??? Really???


6000 Dead of Cholera in Haiti, 400,000 Infected

Just think...

There were a total of 2,996 deaths in the September 11 incident in the United States, undoubtedly one of the greatest tragedies the United States has experienced.

Things that make you go Hmmm... reports: "UN speculates that the contagion has spread because Haitians are NOW relying on rivers as their main source of water for drinking, bathing and washing."

Correction: Haitians have ALWAYS relied on rivers as their main source of water for drinking, bathing, and washing...

Call me a bushman but... if there's one thing I miss about Haiti it is the ability to dive in a cool, nice, clean river and relax there a bit... That's the reason I refused to move to Port-au-Prince when had the choice...

Tiyo vini Cite Militaire pou deze de tan chak de jou... Mwen men-m Neg Hinche! Hmmmmm...

Guayamouc Mon Amour... Le-m te lekol Hinche Haiti, se guayamouk mwen te konn benyen e lem ap beynen, mwen te konn bwe de twa goje... O o...

Se Ikit wi manmanm te konn ale lave le guayamouk sal...

Se dlo sous rode ak sous Daniel wi nou te konn mete nan kannari pou nou bwe...

Gad'on lobey!

I never got sick from it...

My father is 76 years old and he grew up along the Guayamouc river bed, He didn't drink Culligan! There was no Culligan man!

Matant Rejette se yofri wi li benyen jiska prezan... li pa gen chwa non... Pa gen CAMEP non andeyo Maissade!

Kisa yo ap pale la????

Did you bathe in a tub in Haiti growing up or did you bathe nan BATHTUB pep la? (The nearest river to your house)

Did you grow up drinking Poland Springs, Dansani, and Culligan water growing up in Haiti or did you drink DLO SOUS?

Did 6,000 people die each year from some water disease in Haiti when you were growing up?

Reply with your comments.

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Cj says...

As a young child up to my teenage years, I used to look forward to the summer vacations heading to the country side in L'Artibonite swimming in the rivers, bathing without restrictions, having to ration the amount of water usage, because the water quantity was endless.

I have so many good memories down by the river side that I will forever hold dear. The rivers, well-water, spring water are All we have. The generation before us used the same streams and we never had an outbreak of this killing disease anywhere before in Haiti.

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Lynne Warberg says...

We all know where the cholera came from. I swam in your rivers pre UN peacekeeper days in the Artibonite Valley.

I don't have

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Myrtho says...

Excuse me for asking.

Do UN officials know what the are talking about.They have a lot of nerves.They should use better excuses to justify the infectious disease that their so called peace- keepers inflicted on the residents where they station.

We never encountered such outburst of cholera, We used the water from the rivers for cooking, washing, bathing, swimming and nobody ever developed any serious disease as the Cholera.The UN better look closer to find out where the disease is coming

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Manette Raphael says...

Bondye Granmet, Bondye Papa nou, Se ou menm ki ban nou lavi.Nou t'ap peri anba lanmo peche a.Ou voye Jezikri, pitit ou a, vin sove nou.Li pote lavi depase mezi pou nou:Tanpri, koute lapriye nou menm Pep Ayisyen.Pep sa a ou te fe soti anba lesklavaj poul antre nan libete.Pep sa a ou te geri anba maladi veret.

Granmesi lapriye Manman Pepetyel Sekou.Nou pase anba dives syklon ak inondasyon ki fin ravaje peyi nou an.Apre doule tranbleman te 12 Janvye a, Jounen Jodi a, se kolera ki vle fini ak nou.San sekou w, nou pap kapap kenbe, Nou fe yon sel ak Manman Mari ki pote nou sekou toutan an.Pou vin frape pot ke w, ou menm Bondye ke sansibla.Nou konnen se lavi ou vle pou nou viv.Tanpri, montre nou kijan w vle pou nou viv. Pwoteje chak Ayisyen.

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