The Haitian Soccer Player in World Cup 2010 South Africa

Did you know? There is a Haitian soccer player representing Haiti in World Cup 2010 South Africa... He may be wearing the Haitian flag...

I just found out...

His name is Jozy Altidore, and he is playing for the United States National Soccer Team.

Actually, his full name is Josmer Volmy Altidore...

Bon... Mwen pa abitye we "e" deye "Altidor" non mwen menm... m-pa konn pou ou!

By the way... Discuss World Cup 2010 South Africa here...

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Back to Jozy...

Jozy was born in Livingston, New Jersey and raised in Boca Raton, Florida. his parents, Joseph and Giselle were born in Haiti.

I am not sure if his carrying this tradition in the 2010 World Cup but Jozy Altidor has the habit of wearing a wristband bearing both the flags of Haiti and the United States during his games.

It is nice to see that, although Haiti is in pain an the Haitian national soccer team did not make it to World Cup 2010 in South Africa, Haiti is still represented nonetheless.

Manno Sanon must be really proud right now in the afterlife!

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M.s says...

He is not the only Haitian playing in the World Cup in Chile we have Jean Bausejour, Father Haitian and his mother from

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Fremond says...

Hi Woodring we have Three in this world cup namely: Beausejour in chile Altidore in USA & alvarez in Honduras

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Karl says...

Hey Rouddy we have a nother one in the world cup his name is jean Beausejour the goolkeper get trouble keeping up with Beausejour, the Haitan father, in the first half. However, after the break his day was a good deal quieter.

He play for Chilie, if don't know now you this two of Haitian in the world cup, thanks you good work brother.

goooooooooooollllllll for haiti in the

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