New Agriculture Project in Northern Haiti - Feed The Future North (FTFN)

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has teamed up with the Government of Haiti Ministry of Agriculture in a new Feed the Future North (FTFN) project.

This project is a five-year, $88 million project that will focus on expanding farmers' yields of primarily five key crops - corn, beans, rice, plantains and cocoa. In addition to traditional farmer support, erosion protection, and investments in agricultural infrastructure, it will seek to employ new technology - including mobile money - to make it easier for farmers and agribusinesses to manage their transactions, and cell phones to transmit market and other information beneficial to farmers.

For full details read the press release: USAID Launches Five-year Project To Boost Farmer Incomes And Promote Local Organizations In Northern Haiti.

On a personal note: I read the press release and I didn't notice any keywords like: water canals, irrigation and farm equipments. maybe that's what they mean by "agricultural infrastructure" and "employ new technology"

I hope this "Helping Haitian farmers" project include plans to get them out of the middle ages. Every time you hear a Haitian farmer speak, they say "LAPLI PA TONBE" (there is no rain fall) in the mean time, local rivers are running by straight into the ocean.

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Patrick Princivil says...

Peuple Haïtiens,

en nou discuté sa en créole. mwen vin en Haïti depuis en Novembre/2012-juin/2013, jusqu'à présent mwen en Haïti min'm senti'm bien grâce à Dieu. Nou ka wè mwen tap raté poum té bay opinion'm sou reseau a pendant 4 mois min kounyé a nou gin internet au nom de Jésus map continué chouté boulet sou tout vieux policiens marron sa yo, yo pa foutre kanpé sou anyin exepté Martelly avec Lamorte.

Mé zanmi politique Haïti a senti anpil oui. actuelement nap viv nan Coifè.

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Barbara says...

If Monsanto gets involved farmers are prohibited from saving the seeds for next year crop and required to BUY GMO seeds from Monsanto forever after.

Hawaii recently kicked them out after 10 year GMO seed testing project and joined world-wide demonstrations against " EVIL MONSANTO" as it is referred to in the media

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Jean says...

those U.S. organizations aren't done with Haiti yet. they took everything like they did in Miragoane, now they want to help the farmers so they can take the rest of the stuff.

Anyway what ever God five his kids nothing can take it from

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Lynne says...

I hope they are not planting GMO

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