Haiti - How do you feed 9 Million People Everyday?

Food For Thought - Most people in Haiti want to provide for themselves, we are proud people, but most of them have no jobs... So... Do we feed them everyday? or better yet...

Do we get this nation of proud people to earn a decent living so that they can stop behaving like beggars?

Believe me, the line for food and water in Haiti stretched far beyond the USAID and Red Cross food trucks...

When a grown man has to call a family member in the Diaspora to beg of him/her for his daily bread, it is not pleasant.

I used to tell my father not to mention my name when I would give him money to send to the elders in Haiti simply because I felt I was disrespecting them.

Yes, I am embarrassed when I have hand out money to a grown man with a wife and kids. I feel like I am humiliating him.

What if I could give him a job?

I walk tall everyday because I work hard and I owe no man no favors...

I want that for my countrymen...

Sometimes I wonder... What if my grandfather never sent my father to school? What if my father never left the countryside? What if my father never sent me to America?

I'd probably be another one, in Haiti, with his hands stretched out in front of him...

I guess you could say I am a result of other people's decisions...

Unfortunately, so are the millions of people in Haiti standing in line for a loaf of bread and a glass of water... everyday...

Liberte ou la Mort! Right???

We're still free... And we ain't dead yet!

I don't know if this makes any sense to you but... It's just one of those things I think about and have no idea why...

Sometimes I start with a headline, and then it becomes this! But this time, I didn't trim off the top nor change the title.

Thanks for reading!

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Mc says...

You feed them by readministrate agriculture, and create

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F.barthelemy says...

its unfortunate that our president dont have vision,,haiti is a producing and without unity how can we self sustain,,he should travel in the country and let the people know,,who does haiti owe money to who owns our lands,,tell the people the truth and prepare them to do for self,,haitians at home and abroad,,,we must begin to mobilize and force our government to stop playing secret politics with outsiders,,talk to us let us know whats going on,,,no one party can do it by

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Graham Exantus says...

Extremely thoughtful and positive! We are a proud nation and hard-working people.

Unfortunately we are a poor nation and have to depend on others for survival.

We can reverse the situation by helping our fellow haitians to help themselves instead of giving them a piece of bread every day or occasionally.They are hard-working people.

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Kenold Pierre says...

I remember growing up in Haiti in the 50's in the North-Est we used to have 3 industies.

one in Becera One in Phaeton the other one in Derac, Life used to be beautyfull and cheap, After that come L 'I ndustrie sucriere du north.

This is just to let u know that Haiti needs investments jobs, Electricity and Airports, also agriculture, these are essential to de development of haiti and a better tomorrow for all haitians .If every time our leaders borrow money from other countres for Haiti use to invest it. Haiti will be a better place

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Josy says...

The government should start by giving its citizens other means to cook, and small solar energy stove in every home should be number one priority.

Agriculture is so important, and we can start by asking Israel for ideas.

We can teach our children that all Haitians cannot be doctors, and it is OK to study other fields.

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Sergo Jean says...

I think we have to stop pou bay lot nasyon responsab prop securite nou. Apran pep la a fe service volonte pou ede lot mounn san yo pa espere jwen anyen an retou .Anseye doua civic yo an tan ke citoyen e apran yo a aprecie sa yo genyen epi kouman yo doue jere sa yo posede.

Fe yo reconnet le yo jwen yon Don kouman yo doue distribue l a lot mounn e aprann yo pataje.pou gouverneman fe aplike la loi ki di depi yon mounn gen ter foc li fe yon bagay sou li kise plante l, ou bien construction moyen sa yo pral permet leta antre tax ou bien permet populasyon an jwen manje.Leta central la bezwen kite majistra yo nan chac zone yo pran responsabilite yo an tan ke premie citoyen nan vil la pou taxe tout mounn nan vil la pou service vil la e pou tax sa fe travay nan vil e non pou leta central la, Gouvernman central la bezwen kite chac vil foncsyone an tan ke vil otonom pou creye prop richess yo .Stope tout ONG avec lot organization pou anvahi nos terres pou prop intere personel yo.An tan ke peyi Ayiti gen doua pou taxe tout mounn cap vinn lakay li pou intere pep

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Vintage says...

Can we give everone a designated area and have them plant their own garden and grown their own vegs

carrots really grow fast, lettuce etc

its a beginning and it gives them something to do and they can share and seeds are cheap...in fact cut the top of a pineapple from a local restaurant and also the bottom of a stalk of celery and take the seeds from a watermelon etc

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Miejo says...

mwen te gen yon kouzin mwen ki te konn voye 20 dol chak mwa pou yon jennnom, mwen di li pou ki sa ou pa achte yon je razwa ak sizo bali li, misie kon fe tet, konsa la apran cheche la vi li.

konnye ya sa gen 15 an misiye ap fe koife, li gen 2 moun kap travaiy avek li.

mande yo sa ou ka fe pou yo, bayo zouti pou yo twavay, zouti

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Miejo says...

Woodring, anpil rezon ki fe nou nan gwangou an ayiti
1- nou mepwize agrikilti 2- nou tout kouri nou ale nou lese mass pep la san model
3-tout tet kiltive nou yo al instwi canadien, africain, americain, pep pa nou rete

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Jean Mirville says...

Stop importing goods that can be produce in Haiti and support the Haitian farmers.

That will provide jobs, control food prices and reduce the population in the

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