Rice Production in Haiti

Once upon a time Haiti was self-sufficient in the production of rice. Haiti maintained dependency on their own production of rice until the 1980s.

And then, Bill Clinton came and did what he thought was best for the rice farmers in the United States. The rest is history.

Nowadays, most of the rice that Haitians consume are rice imported from the United States. More than 170,000 metric tons or rice are imported to Haiti each year.


President Jovenel Moise and Taiwan ambassador inaugurate modern rice seed conditioning center (VIDEO)

Watch the video... In an attempt to increase rice production in Haiti, President Jovenel Moïse and Taiwan's ambassador inauguratted a rice seed conditioning center in Morne Casse, commune of Ferier in North-East Haiti. more »

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Did you know? White rice can cause constipation

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Haiti Rice Import: More than 80 percent of the rice consumption is imported

PHOTO: Haitian man taking a nap with a bag of rice under his head Did you know... More than 80 percent of rice consumed in Haiti is imported and most of the rice consumed in Haiti comes from the United States. Haiti keeps importing more and more rice every year since 1986 despite the new government's promise to increase local rice production. more »

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Haiti Donations - Japan Donates 6,727 metric tons of rice to Haiti

PHOTO: Haitian man taking a nap with a bag of rice under his head Haiti has just received a LARGE donation in the form or rice bags from Japan... 6,727 metric tons of rice, an estimated 223,347 bags or rice was officially received by Haiti from the government of Japan Friday... more »