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My window in Haiti has a garden view in Haiti - Compare to garden view in the USA

Window with a Garden View in Haiti, not just any garden LOL Whether you live in a home or an apartment in the United States everything has a view. Lake view, garden view, you name it, that's what the Real Estate agent wants to sell you. In Haiti I have more than a garden view, I can actually cook what's in the garden. more »

Most Haitians refuse to talk about the issues that makes Haiti look bad in the eyes of the world

PHOTO: Haiti Education - Look at the condition of public school classrooms in Aquin, Sud Haiti "Les linges sales se lavent en famille" (dirty linen should not not washed in public) How many times in the Haitian community do you hear people say that? It's their way of saying STOP talking about what makes me feel ashamed of myself and my country. But how will people know you're in pain if you don't scream??? more »

Life in Haiti - I'm MOVING BACK to the Countryside, the Old Man said!

"Life is tough here in the city," the old Haitian man said, "I'm too old for this. I am moving back to the countryside where I own land. At least will be able to eat everyday..." more »

Haitians in the USA vs. Haitians in Haiti

Me, Matant Regette, and My Mother There is a huge difference between Haitians in the USA and Haitians in Haiti: more »

Show me the Money! The Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease? Not Always...

In Haiti there are so many Things that make you go Hmmm... Have you ever used these terms at work: Show me the Money! Or the squeaky wheel gets the grease? Let me tell you a story about that... more »