Max Beauvoir

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Haiti Vodou - Alcenat Zamor become New ATI National replacing Max Beauvoir

PHOTO: Haiti - Alcenat Zamor - Nouvo Ati National Vodou The Haitian Vodou religion has a new leader (ATI National), Alcenat Zamor was elected unanimously to replacing Ati Max Beauvoir following his death back in September... Alcenat Zamor is elected for 7 years... more »

Haiti Vodou Supreme Chief Max BEAUVOIR is Dead

PHOTO: Haiti - Max Beauvoir Haiti's Ati National Max Beauvoir, supreme chief of Vodou, passed away Saturday, 12 September 2015... Max Beauvoir, a biochemical engineer most famously known for his religion, was 79 years old when he died in Capital Port-au-Prince... more »

Haitian Vodou Myth - Mare Lapli (Stopping the Rain from Falling)

Fact of Fiction? Haitians have to power to stop the rain from falling? Some people in Haiti believe it.. They call it "Mare Lapli." more »