Mangoes in Haiti

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Can I Eat Mangoes if I have Diarrhea?

Haitian Mango - It's Mango season in Haiti! Can you eat mangoes when you have diarrhea? The answer is YES. Did you know eating mangoes can help to control diarrhea? more »

Mango season is coming in Haiti I cannot wait

PHOTO: Fresh mangoes from Haiti - It's Mango Season! At a time when everyone is talking about lavi chè (high prices of food) in Haiti someone has just reminded me that mango season is coming... Oh yes... more »

Haitian Teachers insulted after being served sliced mangoes for dessert

PHOTO: Fresh mangoes from Haiti - Mango Baptiste True story, a group of Haitian teachers were very upset after they were served sliced mangoes for dessert at a Haitian convention... They felt insulted BUT guess what happened at the same time? more »

Haiti : The Mango Season, Haiti should plant more mangos to export to the USA

PHOTO: Haiti - Mango Fransik It is spring in Haiti, the mango season is coming. Haiti should export all types of mangos: Mango corn, mango labiche, mango fil, mango rond, mango peau fin, mango cannelle, etc... more »

Haiti Mangos - Gouvenman Ayisyen an lanse rekolt mango a jodia nan Mirebalais

PHOTO: Haiti - Mango Fransik Haiti Production Mango - Recolte Mango Fransik 2016 la pari wi pou lane 2016 la... Gouvènman Ayisyen an lanse rekòlt mango a jounen Jeudi 21 Avril 2016 la nan Chaubrun, sou route Mirebalais... more »

Haiti Health - Did you know Eating Mango Everyday is Good for you?

PHOTO: Fresh Mangoes from Haiti - Mango Janmari It's Mango season in Haiti and I eat mango every single day... Why? Mango is good for you... Mango helps fight cancer, it regulates diabetes, helps you with digestion and weight loss, it cleanses your skin... My family, friends and neighbors in Haiti, I don't think they know about this, they just eat mango because it's cheap and plentiful this time of year... LOL... more »

Haiti : Why cut down a Mango tree to make Charcoal?

I came across something disturbing in Haiti today... I saw a couple cutting down a Mango tree somewhere in Haiti to make charcoal (koupe pye mango pou fè chabon dife) and I am having a hard time understanding the reason since a mango tree can produce mangoes that these people can sell... more »

It's Mango Season in Haiti - Vini Manje Mango

Mango Baptiste - Haiti Mango Blans, Mango Francique, Mango Jean-Marie, Mango Baptiste... There's lots of mangoes in Haiti these days. more »