Living in a Third World Country

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My window with a garden view in Haiti vs garden view in the United States!

Window with a Garden View in Haiti, not just any garden LOL When it comes to real estate homes and apartment rental in the United States everything has a view, lake view, garden view, you name it. In Haiti I have more than a garden view, I can actually cook what's in the garden LOL... more »

Poverty is MORE visible in Haiti - True or False?

Haiti - Eske Politicien Haitien yo ap panse pou moun sa yo? There is poverty everywhere in the world but in Haiti poverty is simply more visible. People with money in Haiti look POOR. So if you don't have money it is even worse... more »

Would You Drink River Water in Haiti?

Guayamouc River - Sully (Hinche Haiti) QUESTION: If you grew up in Haiti, then moved to the USA or Canada for 17 years, would you ever grab a cup of river water (dlo riviere) and drink it? more »

Does Water go Bad? How do I Disinfect Water?

Guayamouc River - Sully (Hinche Haiti) The last time I tried to bath with water that was sitting too long in a water tank, I had crazy itches... So this time I am being careful. more »