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Haiti Justice - A new Judicial Year Open at the New Court of Cassation

PHOTO: Haiti - Newly Built Cour de Cassation Building Haiti Justice News - Ever year, on the first Monday of October, a new judicial year opens in Haiti's Cour de Cassation... This year, judges open their new year in an entire new building, fresh paint, at the newly built High instance courthouse building... more »

Haiti Justice - Appeal filed in case of freed indicted kidnapper Sonson La Familia

A chief Haiti prosecutor has appealed a controversial court ruling that led to the release and acquittal of Woodly Ethéart, aka Sonson Lafamilia, an indicted kidnapper with close ties to the presidential family and charged with murder, drug trafficking and operating a kidnapping ring. more »

Haiti Drug Lord Jacques Ketant to be Released from Prison in the United States

Notorious Haitian cocaine kingpin Jacques Ketant who accused former Haiti president Jean Bertrand Aristide of accepting drug-related bribes will be released from a USA prison after his 27-year sentence was reduced in half due to his cooperation that led to many other arrests of big drug dealers in Haiti... more »

Haiti Justice Scandal - Prisoner Behind Bars escorted to Bank to complete a transaction

Justice is sleeping in Haiti - The justice system has been put to sleep by crooked politicians and a corrupt oligarchy There is a BIG Justice scandal in the Haitian justice system in Gonaives... An accused man, imprisoned pending the investigation of a case, was escorted by police to perform a banking transaction on the orders of the Government Commissioner... more »

Haiti - Accused Kidnapper Sonson La Familia Released from Prison

Woodly Etheart, aka Sonson Lafamilia, and Renel Nelfort, aka Renel le Recif were released from prison Friday after Haitian Judge Lamarre Bélizaire found insufficient evidence for these men to stand trial for kidnapping... more »

Haiti Justice - Osner Fevry Jr committed suicide, Judge's Decision

Osner Fevry Jr A Haitian court judge has concluded... There is no evidence go after anyone accused of murdering Osner Fevry Jr... The young man committed suicide, the judge says. more »

Jacmel Haiti Public Prosecutor's Office Vandalized, Evidence in a murder trial stolen

Justice is sleeping in Haiti - The justice system has been put to sleep by crooked politicians and a corrupt oligarchy Here's something you don't read about everyday... Unidentified men in Jacmel Haiti vandalized the "parquet de Jacmel" (the public prosecuter's office) stealing, among other things, video evidence in a murder trial... more »

Haiti - Penitencier National to be Demolished soon

PHOTO: Penitencier National - Port-au-Prince Haiti Haiti's National Penitentiary (Penitencier Nationale) in downtown Port-au-Prince will soon be demolished, Justice Minister Jean Renel Sanon recently told the Associated Press... more »

Haiti - Maitre ANDRE Michel wanted for Murder, Ordered to appear in Criminal Court

Breaking News - Haitian Attorney Andre Michel is wanted for the murder of Student Frantzy Duverseau... Judge Lamarre Belizaire has just requested that he be taken to prison... Political persecution OR Justice being served??? more »

SCOOP: Haiti Police capture two more escaped convicts La Gonave Island

Haiti Prison Break Haiti Prison Break Update -- Haitian police captured two more escaped convicts in the island of La Gonave Haiti... This is the latest information that Haiti Prime Minister Laurent Lamonthe released to the press regarding the prison break at Croix-des-Bouquets... more »