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Michele Bennett recalls Liliane Pierre-Paul's anti Duvalier fight, wrote about her death of on Twitter

Liliane Pierre-Paul made a name for herself in the 1980s as a fierce critic of the Duvalier Regime Former Haiti first lady Michele Bennett Duvalier remembers Liliane Pierre Paul's fight against her late husband, ex president Jean-Claude Duvalier, as she paid her respects to the departed journalist. more »

Ti Nicolas Duvalier releases rare photo of him and daddy, Jean Claude 'BabyDoc' Duvalier

PHOTO: Haitian President Jean-Claude Duvalier holding his newborn baby Nicolas-Francois Duvalier If no one is talking about Jean-Claude Duvalier today on the anniversary date of his death, his son certainly is... François-Nicolas Duvalier, known as 'Ti Nicolas' when his father was president for life, released a photo of a side of the ex president that only his family knows, a father holding his newborn son. more »

Haiti - Hundreds attend Jean Claude Duvalier's funeral Saturday

PHOTO: Haiti - Cercueil Jean Claude Duvalier jou lantèman li kouvri ak dapo bleu e rouge la... Hundreds of people attended the funeral of former dictator Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier on Saturday... Mourners paused to pay their respects in front of Duvalier's coffin draped with Haiti's red-and-blue flag before greeting his partner Veronique Roy, his ex-wife Michele Bennett and their two children... more »

Haiti - Fanmi Jean Claude Duvalier te rele mande yon helicoptere-ambulance pou li nan moman crise cardiaque la

Pandan Jean Claude Duvalier t-ap fè crise cardiaque la, fanmi li te rele mande voye yon hélicoptère-ambulance prese prese pou kouri ak li lopital. Se sa Minis Sante Haiti a, Florence Guillaume Duperval, fè konnen. more »

Duvalier is the Second Haitian President to die in 2014, Manigat died in June...

Haiti Presidents - Leslie Manigat - Jean Claude Duvalier Did you know? Jean Claude Duvalier is the second former chief of State in Haiti to die in the year 2014, Leslie Manigat died 27 June, 2014, and Duvalier died 04 October 2014... more »