Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

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Hurricane Sandy - 385,000 without power in Massachusetts

Interstate 93 Boston MA - I93-I95 Interchange How many Haitians are without power in Boston tonight??? Boston Globe Headline News: High winds, rain knock out power to more than 385,000 in Mass. more »

Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy: New York City Goes Dark

Superstorm Sandy - New York City Goes DARK I thought Haiti has it bad with Hurricane Sandy and then I saw this... Front page on Huffington Post Website... NYC Goes Dark! more »

Hurricane Sandy - Haiti Deathtoll Rises to 44

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy - Flooding in Haiti Haiti Hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy - So far in Haiti, 44 people are dead, officials say, 12 people missing and the rivers are still rising. more »

Hurricane Sandy - 29 Dead in Haiti - Death Toll May Rise

Flooding Rain In Port Au Prince Haiti The death toll in Haiti stood at 29 late Friday, but officials worried that the number could rise. Searches continued in the areas of Haiti that are especially vulnerable to flooding when rains come. more »

Haiti Hurricane Sandy Aftermath - Pont Bonnet In Ganthier Collapsed

Ganthier Haiti - Collapsed Bonnet Bridge (Pont Bonnet) - Hurricane Sandy A critical bridge, Pont Bonnet, collapsed in Ganthier Haiti cutting off travel from Port-au-Prince to the Dominican Republic via Malpasse. more »

Hurricane Sandy - Alert Rouge in Haiti - 2 Dead in Les Cayes

Haiti Hurricane Alert Haiti was on alert all day yesterday due to Tropical storm, now Hurricane Sandy. So far there has been to reported deaths in Les Cayes. more »

Haiti Rainstorm Aftermath - Death Toll Rises to 23

At least 23 people are dead in Haiti during heavy rainfall this week. Lots of damages are also reported. more »

Evacuations in Thomazeau Haiti - Lake Azuei Overflows...

It has been raining so much in Haiti that Lake Azuei, the largest lake in Haiti, overflowed. Many families near Thomazeau had to leave their home and evacuate. more »

7 People Dead In Haiti Capital After Rainfall

Torrential rains slammed the Haitian capital yesterday and 7 people are reported dead so far. more »

Haiti Faces Tropical Storm Emily Wednesday

Haiti Weather Alert Haiti Prepares for another storm - Tropical storm Emily is heading straight for Haiti. "The storm is expected to strengthen before moving over Haiti," a South Florida news station says... more »