Haitians on Facebook

Did you know Whatsapp and Instagram are owned by Facebook?

Many people use Instagram and Whatsapp everyday and have no idea that these apps are both owned by Facebook. Now it is about to be crystal clear. Read this...

Facebook Is Down... Some people got NOTHING to do now until...

Yes, friends, the (not really) unimaginable has happened: the titan that is Facebook is down.

Haiti President Martelly has the most Facebook followers of any Caribbean leader

Haiti President Michel Martelly has the most Facebook followers of any Caribbean leader... Twiplomacy, a leading global study of global leaders on twitter ranks the Haitian President as the top user among Caribbean Leaders... WOW...

KRIM vs ENSEKIRITE - yon Kritik pou tout Jounalis Haitien

Nan tout peyi ki gen plis krim pase Ayiti tout jounal gen yon ribrik ke yo rele "KRIM". An Ayiti joudalis nou yo envante yon lòt ribrik yo rele l ENSEKIRITE. Se pou montre w kijan moun sa yo rayi peyi yo oubyen yo pa konn kijan pou yo renmen peyi.

Eske la Police Haitienne ka jere kisa Haitien poste sou Facebook?

Lotrejou, gen yon yon granmoun 48 lane ki vyole yon ti pitit fi 14 lane an Haiti. menm jou a, gen yon sitwayen ki poste ni foto neg ki fe krim la, ni foto ti pitit ki victim la sou Facebook. ki sa ki ta dwe pase sitwayen sa-a?

TRIPOTAY Sou FACEBOOK... Why Haitians Love Social Media... LOL...

Just for Laughs -- You know, I keep asking myself why do people, especially Haitians, spend so much time on sites like Facebook. I think I know... TRIPOTAY... that's why!

Haiti Prime Minister Relationship With Petra Nemcova Stirring Controversy

"Wyclef Jwe deja," the article starts on a Haiti news web site, Referring to Petra Nemcova, now the love interest of Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, quoting comments from various names on Facebook and suggesting that Petra Nemcova is a 'shodye prete' (just a loan) to Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe from either Sean Penn or Wyclef Jean, whom they suggest, have both been past boyfriends of the Czech supermodel.

Haiti Election Day - How to Get up-to-minute information

While CNN is covering Japan and Libia, Haiti Election day is being updated by the minute on the Haitian Internet and via social media.