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Haitian Students go back to school with the blessing of the Opposition

Haitian student running by burning tires amid protests Haitian students are finally able to go back to school Monday, January 06, 2019, after many months of protests and "Peyi Lock" with the blessing of the opposition. more »

Haitian Student arrested after cleverly trying to cheat in Bacalaureat Exam

Haitian Student caught cheating on BAC exams, conceals Bluetooth headset under wound dressing A Haitian student goes into a classroom to take the test for the Bacalaureat (BAC) exams. He looks wounded with a big dressing made out of gauze on the side of his head. BUT it is not a wound. It is a plan to cheat. more »

Haiti Education - All teachers required to pass a test and become certified to teach

PHOTO: Teaching in Haiti - A Haitian school teacher teaching a in a classroom Haiti's education department is starting to require all teachers to pass a test and become certified if they want to remain in the classroom, one of several efforts to improve education in a country with dire rates of illiteracy and drop outs... more »

FLASH: Haiti Manif - Etudiant yo pa vle Minis Education National la rantre nan biwo li

Haitian student running by burning tires amid protests Haiti Manifestation Etudiants -- on group Etudiant BLOKE devan Ministere Education National... Yo kouche devan barriere la maten Lundi 25 Avril 2016 la, yo anpeche Minis education an rantre nan biwo li, dapre radio Caraibes FM... more »

Haiti - President Martelly nan 3eme Annee Droit nan Gonaives

President Mitchele Matalla, Bandi Legal - Michel Martelly Men Nouvel... Haiti - President Michel Martelly se yon etudian li ye... Martelly nan 3eme année Droit nan Faculté de droit des Gonaives... Se nouvel saa ke jounalis Robert Celiné alias Bob C. revele sou antènn Radio Caraibes maten Mardi 10 Mars 2015 la... more »

Haitian Student dies from a Bullet intended for a former Depute

18 Year old Haitian student Mackendy Orelien was killed in Tabarre 4 Wednesday after a bullet intended for ex-Depute Hidson Nelson caught him in the head killing him instantly... more »

Haiti Students Threaten to ruin Kanaval if Gas Prices does not lower to 100 Gourdes

Port-au-Prince is really tense this Thursday 5 Feb 2015, Haitian students are making lots of threats including Burning down Carnival floats and/or stands if gas prices does not lower to 100 gourdes in the country... more »

Haiti - Students are protesting because teachers are on strike

In Haiti right now there is a chain of events that directly linked to the Senate of the Republic: Students are now on strike because There is no class, because teachers are on strike because they are not paid enough. But what does that have to do with the Senate? Keep reading... more »

Haitian Student Cheating on Exam, Classmate Posts her Photo on Facebook

Haitian Student Cheating on an Exam Haitian Social Network Update - A Haitian student's photo lands on facebook while she is cheating on her exam... more »

Haitian Student Says: French Is The Reason I am Failing

I met a student in my recent trip to Hinche Haiti who says French is the reason he is failing his classes. Can you believe this? more »