Haitian News Media

Haiti Television - Why call it Television NATIONALE when it is NOT?

Haiti's government television (TNH) is anything but "National." It is more like Television Port-au-Prince since only Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas can watch it.

Haiti - Jean Jean Roosevelt Writes a SONG to support Liliane Pierre-Paul

Haitian Singer Jean Jean Roosevelt Has just released a song in support of journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul in the midst of the Sweet Micky "Ti Lili Kanaval" Phenomenon... "Reste Debout Lili," (Keep your head up Lili) is the title the song...

Haiti Media Crisis - Journalists Receive CASH Gifts from the National Palace, Radio Kiskeya not Happy

Haiti Radio Kiskeya blows the whistle on what they call "Acts of Corruption from the National Palace." Various Journalists were invited into the National Palace on 23 December 2014 and received envelopes with a CASH prize inside in the amount of 40,000 and 50,000 gourdes... Liliane Pierre-Paul is pissed, Lucien Jura explains...

Does the Haitian Media Recognize the LIMITS of Freedom of Expression?

FREEDOM of Expression is "the right to express one's ideas and opinions FREELY through speech, writing, and other forms of communication but WITHOUT deliberately causing harm to others' character and/or reputation by false or misleading statements. Looks like La Press Haitienne (the Haitian media) does not want the WITHOUT part...

Haiti - Communication : CONATEL issues new warnings to the Haitian media

The National Council of Telecommunications of Haiti (CONATEL) has just issued new warnings against Haitian radio and Television stations take pleasure in broadcasting false information likely to disturb public order and internatonal relationships...

How much faith do you have in the Haitian news media?

The Haitian media is preparing for WAR... It seems... There are a number of popular Haitian news and media organizations in Haiti that are exaggerating the news. They seem so negative these days. Some of them are so ANTI-Somebody that they broadcast ONE-Sided news.

Haiti Newspaper Le Nouvelliste Turns 115 Years Old

Did you know this? Haiti's newspaper Le Nouvelliste is celebrating their 115 year anniversary today, May 2 2013.

Haiti Media - Hinche - 7 Radio Stations and 3 TV Stations Shut Down

CONATEL shutdown 7 radio station in Hinche Haiti and 3 television stations Thursday, 21 Mar 2013, saying that there radio stations are operating illegally.

Did Haitian Olympian Samyr Laine Solicit Funding from the Haitian Ministry of Sports?

Haitian Newspaper Le Nouvelliste published a letter from Olympian Samyr Laine solliciting the financial support of the Haitian Ministy of Sports.

Haiti Radio - Still, The Most Popular form of Media

If you want to get a message out to Haitians in Haiti, RADIO is still the way to go... But for how long? How did radio get to Haiti? The answer may surprise you...