Planning your next vacation? You better read this first...

Before you plan your next vacation let me ask you this question: If you are really going on a vacation, what is the minimum number of days you think you should spend vacationing to really enjoy it?

I was reading an article recently and it says some people rush in and rush out of a vacation and they think they're having fun when in reality they didn't have a vacation at all.

Have ever come back from a vacation and you feel more tired than before you went on vacation? It happens to most of us.

Between preparing for a vacation, shopping, packing, running to the airport, flying to your destination, getting there and getting yourself in vacation mode, that takes at least a couple of days.

To really enjoy your vacation, especially if you're traveling abroad, you should spend at least seven or eight days vacationing to really rest, relax, enjoy and have some stories to tell when you get back.

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By the way, if you are a Haitian-American reading this, coming to visit family members in Haiti, staying indoors and not going about the country, that is not considered going on a vacation.

Many Haitians confused taking a break from work and vacationing. You might be doing something out of the ordinary but your are not vacationing.

Tell me about your last vacation. Did you have fun? How was it?

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Yanick says...

Last year I went to Cap Haitian and stayed at Cormier plague met great people working there became a friend with one, met other guests and spoke on how to bring young people that have never experienced Haiti.

Went into the city and shop for a freezer for a friend family that lives there.

Food was amazing.

Wish I was there

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Judith says...

At least 5 days or

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