Haiti technology

436,000,000 Google search results about Haiti, compare that to 8 years ago

Did you know... There are 436,000,000 Google search results about Haiti as or the writing of this article and, compared to 8 years ago when Haiti had more content on the Internet than any other country in the Caribbean, The Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Cuba have surpassed us!

President Jovenel promises FREE internet access at the Champs de Mars, Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Haitian president Jovenel Moise just added another promise to his list of promises to the Haitian people... FREE Internet access in Champs de Mars, Haiti's central park, in capital Port-au-Prince.

Smartphone LCD Screens cost TOO MUCH to replace, don't they?

If you have just purchased a new smartphone, whatever you do, DO NOT drop it... God forbid you break the screen, replacing it is almost like buying a new smartphone.

5 Years away from the United States, I feel like a Caveman

WOW... I am out dated... LOL... After spending 5 years in a province in Haiti, away from the United States, I feel like a caveman, technologically speaking...

Haiti Inventions - Haitian Handyman Builds a Car out of Scrap Metal

A broke and jobless Haitian man in the city of Miragoane had a lifelong dream of owing a car he could never afford to buy, so he decided to build his own car from scratch... Kosto Cadet's Made in Haiti automobile has become the biggest attraction and curiosity in Miragoane...

Haiti Television - Analog to Digital TV Deadline 15 Jun 2015

Did you know? There is a 15 Jun 2015 Deadline for all Haiti Television broadcast to go Digital... How is this analog to digital going? Are the television stations ready?

Haiti - Digicel Now Blocking VoIP services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz

Digicel Haiti has just announced that they are now blocking some Voice over IP (VoIP) services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz that allow users to make Free PC to Mobile Calls and free mobile video calls over 3G, 4G, & WiFi... So if you were enjoying these VoIP services to communicate with family and friends inside/outside of Haiti, you are out of luck...

Haiti Plans To Switch Over to Digital Broadcasting by 2015

Did you know about a plan in Haiti to switch over to digital Television broadcasting in 2015?

HAITI - 10 Years Of Internet History

Did you know that Haiti has more web content on the Internet than any other country in the Caribbean? More than Jamaica, more than Cuba, more than the Dominican Republic?