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DIGICEL Haiti fiber optic cables cut off during gas price hike street protests Saturday

Digicel Haiti - Mobile phone network and Internet service provider Haitian mobile phone and internet company DIGICEL took a big hit Saturday; its fiber optic cables were cut off causing customers to go without internet access and unable to make or receive international phone calls following violent protest due to an increase in gas prices. more »

Natcom-Digicel: Haiti Mobile Phone Service is so BAD the Government is getting involved

HAITI: Natcom Vs. Digicel... Kiyes ki Pi Bon? Haitian consumers are complaining about mobile phone and mobile internet service in Haiti. So much so that the Haitian Prime Minister was summoned to the chamber of deputes to answer questions about mobile phone companies and the poor services they provide. more »

Haitians Start Online Petition against Digicel action to Block VoIP services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz

Haiti - Digicel Block VOIP Viber Tango Nimbuzz etc... Many Digicel Haiti mobile customers are upset over the company's decision to block Voice over IP (VoIP) trafic to services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz. One customer has started an online petition. Over 400 people have already signed the petition which spreading quicky via social media... more »

Haiti - Digicel Now Blocking VoIP services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz

Haiti - Digicel Block VOIP Viber Tango Nimbuzz etc... Digicel Haiti has just announced that they are now blocking some Voice over IP (VoIP) services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz that allow users to make Free PC to Mobile Calls and free mobile video calls over 3G, 4G, & WiFi... So if you were enjoying these VoIP services to communicate with family and friends inside/outside of Haiti, you are out of luck... more »

Attention Mobile Phone Readers of the Haitian Internet Newsletter

Haitian Newsletter Mobile Version - Samsung Galaxy S III If you were getting blank pages when trying to read The Haitian Internet Newsletter on your Samsung Galaxy S III or similar android mobile phone, the problem has been fixed. more »

Babay VOILA... Haiti's VOILA Mobile Network is No More...

Voila Haiti Cell Phone Company For everyone who enjoyed the services of Voilà Comcel as their Haitian mobile network of choice, I have some bad news... Voilà no longer exists... more »

The Happiest Haitian On Planet Earth

We are quick to tell the Haitian authorities when they do wrong but we often lack the courage to congratulate them when they do right. more »