Mixed feelings over the deployment of US military on Haitian soil

The deployment of the US military on Haitian soil is creating mixed emotions among the Haitian population. While some welcome the idea others are flat against it.

U.S. military getting ready to go to Haiti
U.S. military getting ready to go to Haiti

When the US Embassy posted the news on social media sone of the comments below the post were clearly mixed.

Jn Pierre says:

"The presence of the US military will not bring anything serious to Haiti. Only come, steal the riches of the land. When they leave, the popular neighborhoods they will have more guns."

Ben says:

"It was about time for this to happen. I would like these U.S. soldiers to stay in the country because this land is not safe (insecuriry). They will be very useful to these worthless people who are Haitians..."

Wow... a bit strong but he is entitled to his opinion....

Renald says:

"I am for this mission, I would prefer if these soldiers to stayed for good in Haiti. This country that is infested with bandits and thugs of all kinds."

Wisley says:

"You people do not even understand the reasons why U.S. Soldiers are entering Haiti. It is the petrol they see in abundance the Les Cayes ok. they've come to take it because they know that there are other countries out there that can be useful to us. They come to kick them out. thiz is their mission ok. You wait and see."

Gary says:

"I would like for these American soldiers to help Haiti disarm all the bandits who are kidnapping, robbing and killing the Haitian people, that's when I would applauded you."

What do you say?

Are you in agreement with the US military intervention in Haiti or not?

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