Gracia Delva

Gracia Delva is a prominent Haitian figure recognized for his multifaceted career as a singer, actor, and politician. Gracia Delva is leader of the band Mass Konpa.

Gracia Delva was born in Cap-Haitien as Garcia Delva but he grew up in Marchand-Dessalines. He went to primary school at ecole Nationale Jacques 1er and continued his secondary studies at Isidor Jean-Louis high school and College Latin in Marchand-Dessalines.

Gracia Delva embarked on his musical journey early. He started singing in 1987 in Marchand Dessalines. He started his proffessional singing carreer in Gerostar and later Djakout Mizik. He then shifted to Zenglen yielding hits like "5 Dwet."

Later in his carreer, Gracia Delva found himself back to Haiti, where he formed his own band, Mass Kompa (Le Konpa).

Gracia Delva also had a political career. He previously served as a deputy for Marchand-Dessalines and as a senator of the Artibonite Department.

His musical contributions and active role in Haitian politics have solidified his status as a notable and influential personality in his country's cultural and political landscape.


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