Fuel Consumption in Haiti

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500,000 barrels of fuel will arrive in Haiti by Monday, Prime Minister said

PHOTO: Long lines at the Gas Pumps - GO Gas Station, Hinche Haiti "We are in the process of finalizing a new order of 500,000 barrels for the three petroleum products," Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin confirmed Wednesday. more »

Did you know : Buying Premium Gasoline instead of Regular is a waste of money!

Gas Prices Florida Gas Prices I just found out, premium gas does nothing for your car except cost you more money! I just read on the Federal Trade Commission's web site that buying premium gasoline instead of regular is a big waste of money! Read this... more »

Cooking in Haiti: Why do Haitians still use Charcoal to cook instead of Propane (LPG)?

Charcoal Burning in Haiti - Charcoal as Cooking Fuel Haiti: CHARBON Vs PROPANE (LPG) -- Based on my experience cooking with propane in Haiti, I truly believe it is more economical than cooking with charcoal. So why do Haitians continue to cook with charcoal? more »

Haiti Energy : As Oil Prices Fall, Venezuela in Financial Trouble, What Happens to PetroCaribe?

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Gas prices is falling everywhere but in Haiti, prices remain the same... Venezuela is having a tough time financially... PetroCaribe is "on life support," The Miami herald writes... What is the future for energy in Haiti? more »

Charbon VS. Propane - Poukisa Haitien Itilize Chabon Pou Fe Manje Toujou?

Charcoal Burning in Haiti - Charcoal as Cooking Fuel Haiti: CHARBON Vs PROPANE -- Haitien telman abitye ak chabon dife, genyen nan yo ki panse chabon bay manje ki bon gou... Mwen fe yon experyans ap propane en Haiti, mwen panse li bokou pli ekonomik ke chabon... SO... Poukisa Haitien kontinye ap itilize chabon pou fe manje toujou? more »

In Haiti, You burn much MORE GAS per mile!

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Recently, I ran a test to see how much gas was using in my car while driving in Haiti, the results are devastating... Once you leave the pavement in Haiti and you start driving uphill and downhill on these rocky roads any four-cylinder car becomes a gas-guzzler... more »