Flooding in Haiti

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Flooding in Haiti, 10,000 homes inundated, 5 people dead

Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy - Flooding in Haiti Recent rains in Haiti caused lots of flooding in North-western and South Haiti. Just two days of torrential rains left five people dead and more than 10,000 homes inundated, authorities said. more »

Haiti - Flooding in Leogane

PHOTO: Haiti - Inondation nan Ville Leogane There are reports of flooding in the city of Leogane Haiti early Friday Morning, 27 May 2016, following heavy rains in the area... more »

Haiti Tragedy - An entire family DEAD in Carrefour Feuilles following Heavy Rains and a House Collapse

PHOTO: Cap Haitien Haiti Flooded, one man tries to save his belongings An entire Haitian family has dies in area of Carrefour Feuilles following after torrential rains caused their home to collapse Saturday... One adult and 3 children are dead in the collapse home according to news reports... more »

Haiti Flooding - Cap Haitien Under Water Again, second time in February

PHOTO: Flooding in Cap Haitien Haiti - Residents trying to push a vehicle out of the flood water Many people are reporting on the Haitian social media networks that many neighborhoods in the city of Cap-Haitien is under water for the second time in the month of February... more »

Haiti Inondation - Limbe Anba DLO - More Flooding in North Department

PHOTO: Haiti - Inondation nan ville Cap Haitien, moun ap mache nan yon larivyè dlo... Mezanmi... Flooding continues to ravage Northern Haiti --- There is MORE flooding (inondation) reported in the North Department of Haiti... The town of Limbé is under water following heavy rain fall Tuesday, 12 November 2014. An eight-year-old boy died from the flood water. His body was found pinned to a tree... The town of Terrier-Rouge is partially flooded... more »

Northern Haiti Flooding - More than 1,200 homes flooded in Cap-Haitien

PHOTO: Haiti Inondation - Flooding in Cap Haitien More than 1,200 homes in Cap-Haitien are flooded... A vast number of crops have been damaged and livestock killed in Northern Haiti... This is according to the latest news reports coming from Haitian authorities... more »

Cap-Haitien Haiti - Heavy Rainfall, Flooding - 10 People Dead!

The Guayamouc River, Riviere Guayamouc, Hinche Haiti There was heavy rainfall in Cap-Haitien Haiti last night. It has just been reported that as many as 10 people are already dead. The worst may be yet to come. more »

Hurricane Sandy - Alert Rouge in Haiti - 2 Dead in Les Cayes

Haiti Hurricane Alert Haiti was on alert all day yesterday due to Tropical storm, now Hurricane Sandy. So far there has been to reported deaths in Les Cayes. more »

Haiti Rainstorm Aftermath - Death Toll Rises to 23

At least 23 people are dead in Haiti during heavy rainfall this week. Lots of damages are also reported. more »

Evacuations in Thomazeau Haiti - Lake Azuei Overflows...

It has been raining so much in Haiti that Lake Azuei, the largest lake in Haiti, overflowed. Many families near Thomazeau had to leave their home and evacuate. more »