Digicel Haiti

Maarten Boute: Digicel Group is a prisoner of its own investments in Haiti

Doing Business in Haiti -- Digicel Haiti CEO Marteen Boute says his company has become a prisoner of its own investment in Haiti due to the political situation in Haiti and the Haitian currency which keeps on loosing it's value.

DIGICEL Haiti fiber optic cables cut off during gas price hike street protests Saturday

Haitian mobile phone and internet company DIGICEL took a big hit Saturday; its fiber optic cables were cut off causing customers to go without internet access and unable to make or receive international phone calls following violent protest due to an increase in gas prices.

Natcom-Digicel: Haiti Mobile Phone Service is so BAD the Government is getting involved

Haitian consumers are complaining about mobile phone and mobile internet service in Haiti. So much so that the Haitian Prime Minister was summoned to the chamber of deputes to answer questions about mobile phone companies and the poor services they provide.

Haiti Electric Bill: EDH announces now you can now use MonCASH to pay your Electric Bill

Back in March 2017, I wrote an article about EDH, Haiti's electric company, who refuses to modernize their payment system. Finally, last week, they announced you can use now Digicel's MonCASH payment system to pay your electric bill... That's good... They listened!!!

Haiti Internet Access: Natcom Wins Award for Fastest Internet Speed in Haiti

Natcom Internet is faster than Digicel and now they can brag about it... Natcom is the winner of the 2017 Speedtest Award for fastest mobile network speeds.

PHOTOS: Haiti Insecurite - Gunshots fired at NATCOM, DIGICEL, Marriott Hotel, Sogebank, Behrmann Motors

Look at this photos... Many big businesses like NATCOM, DIGICEL, Marriott Hotel, Sogebank, Behrmann Motors and AutoMeca were sprayed with bullets early morning Friday, 24 Jun 2016...

Haiti Telephone - DIGICEL Service Prices Are Going UP

Haiti mobile phone company DIGICEL announced a rate increase that they attribute to the recent depreciation of the Haitian gourde compared to the US dollar...

Haiti Mobile - CONATEL orders DIGICEL to restore VoIP Services

Good news for Haitian mobile phone uses... Haiti's Telecommunication regulator CONATEL has ordered mobile giant DIGICEL to restore all blocked Voice over IP (VoIP) apps like Tango, Skype, Viber, MagicJack etc and Immediately...

Haitians Start Online Petition against Digicel action to Block VoIP services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz

Many Digicel Haiti mobile customers are upset over the company's decision to block Voice over IP (VoIP) trafic to services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz. One customer has started an online petition. Over 400 people have already signed the petition which spreading quicky via social media...

Haiti - Digicel Now Blocking VoIP services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz

Digicel Haiti has just announced that they are now blocking some Voice over IP (VoIP) services like Viber, Tango and Nimbuzz that allow users to make Free PC to Mobile Calls and free mobile video calls over 3G, 4G, & WiFi... So if you were enjoying these VoIP services to communicate with family and friends inside/outside of Haiti, you are out of luck...