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FLASH: Haiti - President Aristide in critical condition

Yon vagabon deside chante Antèman Aristide sou Rezo Sosyo yo Former Haitian president Jean Bertrand Aristide is in critical condition according to a tweet from journalist Garry Pierre Paul Charles Sunday June 20 2021. more »

AUDIO: Haiti - Bombshell Interview - Oriel Jean Explains how Aristide was involved in Jean Dominique Murder

Jean Dominique - Jean Bertrand Aristide Listen to this AUDIO... After his death, Oriel Jean's interview was released in which the former security chief of Jean Bertrand Aristide explained in details how the Haitian ex-president and his close supporters plotted and executed the murder of journalist Jean Dominique, assassinated April 3, 2000... more »

Haiti - Fanmi LAVALAS Rejects accusation Aristide is involved in Oriel Jean Assassination

Former Haiti President Jean Bertrand Aristide Members of Haiti political party Fanmi Lavalas rejects accusations that former president Jean Bertrand Aristide may have been involved in the recent assassination of he old Security chief Oriel Jean... more »

Haiti - Police Presence in front of Aristide Mansion causes Panic for NO Reason - Read this True Story...

Collage - Fire in front of Aristide Mansion in tabarre - President Aristide Read the true story of my personal panic attack due to events in front of the Aristide mansion in Tabarre --- On Saturday afternoon 27 Sept 2014, I left Pernier, a village not far from Tabarre Haiti, to run a few errands. My first stop was at Carrefour Clercine to drop somebody off. On my way there, I drove by the gates of former president Aristide's mansion. I saw a police truck with a few police officers across the road, no sign of any problems, I drove by, no problems... So that's what I thought!!! more »

Haiti - 19 September 1994 - 19 September 2014 - 20 years since 20,000 US Soldiers landed in Haiti

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon Solda Americain zam a la main devan yon poster President Aristide Do Haitians remember this story? --- 20,000 American troops landed in Haiti on 19 September,1994, to reinstate of Jean-Bertrand Aristide as President of Haiti... Aristide was overthrown 3 years earlier in a Military coup d'Etat. 20 Years later, how is Haiti doing? more »

Haiti Justice - Key witness in Jean Dominique Murder case Extradited from Argentina back to Haiti

Jean Dominique NEWS FLASH... Argentina has just extradited Philippe Markenton, a key witness in the murder case of Haiti journalist Jean Dominique and his driver Jean Claude Louissaint. Philippe Markenton is now in custody of the Haitian justice system... more »

Haitian Gang Leader Amaral Duclona on Trial in France, Jean Bertrand Aristide's Name Came Up In The Trial

Amaral Duclona in Handcuffs FLASH... Trial begins in France for Haitian gang leader Amaral Duclona, aka Berthone Jolicoeur, accused of kidnapping, confinement and death of a Franco-Haitian entrepreneur, Claude Bernard Lauture... Former Haiti President Jean Bertrand Aristide's name surfaced in on day two of the trial... more »

Haiti - Operation Uphold Democracy - Reinstatement of Jean-Bertrand Aristide as President of Haiti

PHOTO: Haiti - Yon Solda Americain zam a la main devan yon poster President Aristide Operation Uphold Democracy (19 September 1994 - 31 March 1995) was an intervention designed to remove the military regime installed by the 1991 Haitian coup d'état that overthrew the elected President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. more »

It's Official, Lunise (RAM) Will Represent LAVALAS in Upcoming Haiti Elections

RAM Lunise Morse Lunise Morse, the singer of the racine group RAM, was officially designated to represent Fanmi Lavalas, Aristide's political party, in the upcoming senatorial elections in Haiti. more »

Haiti Government Removes Security of Former President Aristide

Aristide Vs. Martelly - Let's Get Ready To Rumble... The Martelly administration took the decision to remove the security of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide 48 hours after his appearance in court on Wednesday May 8 despite laws providing former Heads of State security. more »