Amaral Duclona

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AUDIO: Affaire Amaral Duclona - Interview Marie Louise Michele Lauture sou lanmo mari li Claude Bernard Lauture

Amaral Duclona in Handcuffs Koute temwayaj Michele Marie Louise Lauture te fè nan dossier Amaral Duclona ak assasinat mari li, Claude Bernard Lauture, sou radio Vision 2000 nan ribrik Invite du Jour dat 26 Me 2014 la... more »

Haitian Gang Leader Amaral Duclona on Trial in France, Jean Bertrand Aristide's Name Came Up In The Trial

Amaral Duclona in Handcuffs FLASH... Trial begins in France for Haitian gang leader Amaral Duclona, aka Berthone Jolicoeur, accused of kidnapping, confinement and death of a Franco-Haitian entrepreneur, Claude Bernard Lauture... Former Haiti President Jean Bertrand Aristide's name surfaced in on day two of the trial... more »